Alice Bag

Alice Bag is a singer/songwriter, musician, author, artist, educator and feminist. She was the lead singer and co-founder of the Bags, one of the first punk bands to form in the mid-1970s in Los Angeles. She was featured in the seminal documentary on punk rock, The Decline of Western Civilization and went on to perform in other groundbreaking bands, including Castration Squad, Cholita, and Las Tres. She has published two books, including the critically acclaimed memoir Violence Girl and the self-published Pipe Bomb For the Soul, based on her experiences in post-revolutionary Nicaragua. Her influence on popular music is highlighted in the Smithsonian exhibit, American Sabor. Alice's debut solo album features all original material written by Bag and includes performances by some of her favorite LA-based musicians.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio Leggy is a blonde-heavy art-popped indie-punk dream-garage trio exploding with empowered earnestness, an undeniably catchy pop sensibility and that ever timeless grrrl in-and-out of love allure. Their energetic live shows are laced with dreamy, reverb tinged hum-along hooks leading to tunes that have been known to inspire and entrance.

Their first release, a 6 track EP titled "Cavity Castle" (produced by local musicians and Renaissance men Jerri Queen (Tweens, Vacation, Black Planet) and John Hoffman (Sleeves, Swim Team)) was released digitally in late April 2014 and on cassette (edition of 250) in July . The release of "Cavity Castle" kicked off a spree of positive domestic and international press as well as frequent exciting shows at local venues including MOTR Pub (with internationally renowned recording artists including Shilpa Ray and The Ghost Wolves), The Comet, The Northside Tavern and many other Cincinnati cultural mainstays including an extremely successful Tuesday night weekly residency at The Comet during the month of May. July 4th saw Leggy preforming their first outdoor festival set during the ever popular and strictly curated Northside Rock N' Roll Carnival (sharing the stage with acts such as Twin Peaks, Tweens, Idiot Glee, Radioactivity, Protomartyr, Jaill and several others).

In early August Leggy will embark on a three week tour of America's beautiful Midwest and East Coast, but before they skip town they will be in the studio getting another batch of sugary sweet summer-forever dreamy art garage punk pop tunes to be released this fall.

Provoking thoughts of Thora Birch bopping around in her room....

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