Sharon Goldman

Sharon Goldman

Sharon Goldman's intelligent, inventive songwriting has led to appearances at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival; John Platt’s popular On Your Radar series at Rockwood Music Hall and at top clubs, coffeehouses, listening room shows and house concerts around the Northeast. Several well-received albums have been spun on folk, indie and public radio across the country, while songwriters also know her as founder and writer of the popular blog Songwriting Scene. Sharon's new album, KOL ISHA (A Woman’s Voice), takes her artistry in a new and unique direction: She has dug deep into her Orthodox Jewish childhood and current life as a secular artist — emerging with a song cycle that traces her own journey to find her voice as a passionate woman; a lifelong questioner; and a constant seeker. She delves into memories of prayers and rituals; of roads not taken; and of voices not heard. She also mines the stories of biblical and mythical women — such as Lilith, the Sabbath Queen and the lovers in the Song of Songs for creative inspiration.



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