Sebastian Olzanski

Sebastian is a YouTube Sensation who caught his first break after beginning his channel ThatSpanishBoy. He began doing regular shows on YouNow, posting YouTube videos on "Fanishtastic Fridays" giving him a place to grow his fanbase, which we now call "Sebsters." In 2015 Sebastian began recording music and releasing music videos. His tour with Jonah marks his first appearances in the U.S. and his performance will feature several unreleased tracks.

Jonah Marais

Jonah Marais is a 17 year old singer from Minnesota who has been constantly on the road the for last 2 years. He started singing on the Internet in 2014 and instantly gained a diehard fanbase. In 2015 Jonah went on 4 national tours with other singers and entertainers. He released his first single "I Meant It" in the summer of 2015 and had a huge response. He headlined his first headlining tour in April 2016 to support his debut EP "When The Daylight's Gone" which he co-wrote.

$15.00 - $79.00


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