Josh Abbott Band

Josh Abbott Band

"Favoring a style of country music that owes as much to the band's native Texas as the genre's Nashville headquarters, the Josh Abbott Band began taking shape in 2004. While studying communications at Texas Tech, frontman Josh Abbott began making trips to the Blue Light, a club in downtown Lubbock that helped launch the careers of regional luminaries like Cross Canadian Ragweed and Ryan Bingham. Inspired by the rough-and-tumble "Texas country" bands that regularly played the venue, he started writing his own songs and playing them at local bars, using members of his fraternity to form an early incarnation of the Josh Abbott Band. One of the group's first songs, "Taste," became a hit on local radio, prompting Abbott to drop out of school, shuffle the band's lineup, and record their debut album Scapegoat.
With Scapegoat still generating a good amount of local buzz, the Josh Abbott Band returned in 2010 with She's Like Texas, a strong sophomore album featuring Nashville Star finalist Kacey Musgraves on the lead single "Oh, Tonight." The song debuted at number 59 on the Hot Country Songs chart, earning some buzz outside of the Lone Star State and prompting the band to tour the country." - Andrew Leahey, AllMusicGuide

The goal of most musicians is to captivate their audience and leave them wanting more. Through his charming stage presence and musical aptitude, Brian Burke is gathering a multitude of fans in and around his home state of Texas. Quickly becoming known as a formidable force in the Texas music scene, Brian is knocking down walls and rewriting the rules with his contemporary sound.

Born in Tyler and raised in northwest Houston, Burke grew up listening to an array of music, from George Strait to Billy Joel. His parents recall him singing George Strait songs word for word when he was just two. They must have taken this as a sign because when Brian turned eight they bought him a guitar and put him in lessons. "As a kid, I didn't care much to play because it got boring with all of the practicing, but I loved music and I sang non stop all day," Burke says. In junior high, he started to realize that maybe it was something he was good at, so at 15 he dusted off his guitar and wrote his first song. Throughout high school he continued to develop his skill by playing acoustic in a makeshift band at dances and other school events. Encouraging words from his friends boosted his confidence and kept him strumming along. During this time Burke went through phases of rock and country but never stayed in the lines of any specific genre.

"I always liked people who were doing something new and fresh. Those are the people who have great careers, in my opinion. You can only last so long doing the same thing as everyone else."

Brian went on to attend Texas State University in San Marcos, TX where he began playing in bars a few times a week. He eased into the indie country scene that was quickly taking over Texas while continuing to search for his niche. After graduating, he decided it was time to make something happen and put a band together. The first few months were spent emulating other artists and tiptoeing around new ideas. It wasn't until a band rehearsal about three months in that things finally clicked. Brian brought a song to band rehearsal that he thought the other members might not necessarily consider their style. "The band basically said 'Quit worrying about what it is or isn't. Just make good music and we'll play it.' From that point on I became a different artist."

Burke dedicated himself to his songwriting and eventually discovered who he was as a musician. Things started heating up in July 2009 with the release of his first EP, Brian Burke Band, preceded by the start of his touring career in September. August 2010 welcomed the release of the much anticipated first full-length album, Unraveled, which showcases a variety of musical styles and exceptional vocal abilities. In this same month, honored Brian as its "Breakout Artist" of the year.

Between touring and songwriting, 2011 has been a busy, yet productive, year for Brian. A new album is in the works that will show off a matured version of the Brian Burke we are used to hearing. Mixing the sounds of some of his favorite genres, it's hard not to think of Burke as the musical lovechild of Keith Urban and John Mayer. "I think our current release only scratches the surface of a young artist. I think what's to come will be on a totally different level."

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