EdgeFest 2016: Trapt, Saliva, Saving Abel, Alien Ant Farm, Crazy Town, 12 Stones, Tantric

Trapt is an alternative band from Los Gatos, California. The band formed in 1995, after meeting in high school, with members: Chris Taylor Brown (vocalist), Simon Ormandy (guitarist), Peter Charrell (bassist) and David Stege (drummer) and recorded the albums 'Amalgamation' and 'Glimpse' to sell at local shows. After several rehearsal absences and negative feedback the band decided to let David go. While attempting to find a suitable replacement, the band signed to Warner Bros. Records and began recording their debut self-titled album. The band enlisted Robin Diaz, to perform drums on the record, and in turn Robin, helped the band find their permanent drummer, Aaron Montgomery.

On November 22nd, 2002, the band released Trapt, along with the single "Headstrong". "Headstrong" became a fantastic hit, reaching #1 on alternative charts and #16 on pop. Follow-up singles "Still Frame" and "Echo" (with a video featuring Michelle Trachtenberg) did respectably, although they never reached the heights of "Headstrong". "Headstrong" became the official theme song of WWE Bad Blood for June 2003. Trapt eventually hit platinum. After more than one year an EP followed on March 30th, 2004, that included a new song called "Promise" along with live versions of "Made Of Glass" and "Echo".

On September 13th, 2005, the band released their sophomore album "Someone In Control" along with the single "Stand Up". "Stand Up" failed to do as well as any of their previous singles, although it still made an excellent run on active rock stations. "Waiting" and "Disconnected (Out Of Touch)", were also released as singles, and have yet to repeat the success of any of Trapt's self-titled radio hits. The band spent the first half of 2006 co-headlining with Shinedown as part of the Equinox Tour.

A live album was released in September, 2007, containing live tracks from both previous albums with new studio tracks "Stay Alive" and "Everything to Lose".

Trapt hit the studio in July 2007 to begin recording their 3rd album, which was released on 5th August 2008 named "Only Through the Pain…".

Trapt announced in late fall/early winter 2009 they were working on a new album for summer or fall release in 2010. On July 20, 2010, Trapt released their first single "Sound Off," for the upcoming album "No Apologies," due out in stores October 12, 2010. Updates, along with an EPK, for the upcoming album is available on their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (official trapt) accounts.

Saliva was founded in 1996 in Memphis, TN. They released their self-titled album on August 26, 1997 under Rocking Chair Records. It sold over 10,000 copies within their region, prompting Island Records to take notice and sign the band. Their second album Every Six Seconds (2001) featured the chart-topping hits "Your Disease" and "Click Click Boom" that were featured in The Fast and The Furious, Talladega Nights and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003. Saliva received a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2002 and the album was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Their follow-up,Back Into Your System, contained the crossover-hit single "Always" which reached #51 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Modern Rock chart. The album has since been certified gold by the RIAA. Survival of the Sickest and Blood Stained Love Story (which contained rock anthem "Ladies and Gentlemen") followed as Saliva's third and fourth albums; reaching #20 and #19 on The Billboard 200 chart. Cinco Diablo and Under Your Skin are their two most recent releases.

Saliva's current lineup includes original members Dave Novotny (bass), Paul Crosby (drums), and Wayne Swinny (guitar). Bobby Amaru joined Saliva in 2012 as their new vocalist. Amaru hails from Jacksonville FL, where he has been a prominent vocalist/musician/producer/songwriter for the past decade. He was the frontman of his solo band, Amaru, in addition to the drummer for Burn Season, who were signed to Elektra Records in 2001. In February 2012, Saliva released their first single "All Around The World" featuring their new singer. Their talent and raw energy makes for an explosive combination, which is reflected by the band's live show - what Saliva refers to as their "secret weapon". Catch them live and see for yourself...!

Saving Abel

Since 2008 Saving Abel has embodied the definition of "Southern Rock." Even before their "Self Titled" debut LP, they were barnstorming the country making fans everywhere they went, just by being themselves. Simple, down home, charming, country-boys with immeasurable talent that was destined to take them straight to the top. The band was signed by A&R wizard Jason Flom to Capitol records and their first single, "Addicted" did just that, reaching number one on several charts and the follow-up singles "18 Days" and "Drowning" helped sell over 750,000 copies of their debut album. They toured heavily in support of this album, playing with Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold, and later on Nickelback, in arenas across North America. Night after night, the boys would go back to the bus with their ears ringing from 15,000 fans screaming their lyrics.

Knowing that they would need something great to follow up with, the boys set out to write their sophomore album on Capitol, "Miss America." Topping the Active Rock and Hard Rock charts yet again with "Sex is Good" and "Stupid Girl" solidified Saving Abel's place both on the radio and live. Setting out on their own tour this time, Saving Abel headlined theaters around the country for almost 2 years non-stop. They toured with several artists and made a lot of friends along the way, but always kept their focus on the fans, and their eyes toward the future.

Jason Flom left Capitol and the band did as well. The band signed to a new major label and the band didn't want to fall into a rut of making the third album sound like the first two, Saving Abel returned to their Mississippi origin, adding a depth and soul that could only come from their country roots. Using banjos, mandolins, and a healthy helping of moonshine, Saving Abel went into the studio with a mission to stick with "what they know best," and wrote an emotional, soulful record that was still rooted in rock-n-roll, but highlighted their classic country roots. Listening to "Bringing Down The Giant" was as reminiscent of Hank Williams as it was of Elvis Presley. In hindsight the album was probably a little self-indulgent and while songs like "Constantly" and "Pictures of Elvis" highlighted their softer side and amazing song writing ability, the label and band had creative differences over what to release as a first single and the label won, the result being a mildly successful rollout and the label all but abandoned the band, leaving them in the unusual predicament of not knowing what to do next.

The next steps were difficult and profound but in the end proved liberating on numerous levels. First the band parted ways with their label and publishing company, those splits were followed by a split with their management, business management and booking agent. The band then hired former Creed, Sevendust, and Paramore manager and Silent Majority Group / ADA label president Jeff Hanson. Hanson brought in new lead singer Scotty Austin and new drummer Steven Pulley, a new booking agent, fan relations manager, business manager, merch company, and radio promotion team and finally enlisted a new producer, former 12 Stones guitarist and songwriter Justin Rimer. "Bringing in new faces wasn't done because we were unhappy with the previous team's performance, I just felt like we should surround ourselves with people who wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't have a gold or platinum record. Those are benchmarks that are much more difficult to achieve than they were 5 years ago and are honestly unrealistic expectations for anyone." Says Hanson. Hanson then helped the band form their own label in order to move forward on their own terms. The new label was named Tennessippi Whiskey Records based on the fact that the all of the members of the band are from Tennessee and Mississippi and are known for their moderate but very public Jack Daniels consumption Ditching the tour bus and getting back in a van in order to afford the recording of a new record on off days from their perpetual tour, along with a renewed focus on their live performances and spending time in person and on the internet with their fans, the band saw a resurgence in fan attendance at shows and the number of people following the band on their social media sites.

With the addition of new members Scotty Austin and Steven Pulley to the existing core of Saving Abel Jason Null, Scott Bartlett, and Eric Taylor, the result of this new lineup and independent attitude of the band has been amazing. "There is so much excitement being generated on a nightly basis by the fans based on their love of Scotty Austin, it makes it seem like it is 2008 again and we are about to blow up again, and I can't believe this level of excitement exists all over again" says founding member and guitarist Jason Null. Null also goes on to say… "Scotty has an autistic child, and seeing the sacrifices he makes every day to make a life for his son makes it a lot easier for me to get back in a van and play smaller venues without complaining after I spent years in arenas on a bus, him being here really has changed the way all of us view what we do." Scotty Austin… "I spent years playing cover gigs, singing 4 hours a night, this is literally a dream come true for me. Playing every night to fans that came to hear and sing along to songs that these guys and I wrote, I could never get tired of it. It also gives me a small platform to try to draw awareness to Autism, if nothing more comes of this than to make my son's life just a tiny bit better, it will have been worth it. I can't thank these guys enough for giving me this chance." Steven Pulley… "Scotty and I literally quit our day jobs the day we were called about being in this band. We were blown away that a nationally recognized band like Saving Abel, who could have gotten any players in America to replace their leaving members, would actually prefer to have a couple of guys like us mainly because we were guys from a small town (Jackson, TN) with big dreams. We basically left home, went on the road, and loved every minute since. Knowing what's coming on this record, we are definitely living a dream."

The new songs from their forthcoming album Blood Stained Revolution mirror the new energy and attitude of the band. The songs themselves are mostly uptempo and upbeat and pay homage to all of the bands we love, Guns and Roses, Tool, and The Allman Brothers. The album is absolutely a continuation of founding member Jason Null's mainstream southern rock hit writing abilities but with an amazing added energy similar to that of Mick Jagger or Scott Weiland being provided by Scotty Austin. The band is also eager to note that the new album is the first album on which all of the band members were able to participate in the creative process. On the first three albums the creative process was partially controlled by outside factors but on this album it seemed as though the floodgates were open because there were no limitations or interferences and everyone in the band was asked to contribute the ideas that had been percolating among the members for years that they hadn't always been able to share. Jeff Hanson says… " I am a huge southern rock fan and Scott Bartlett's solo album and the Trash the Brand album, Scotty Austin and Steven Pulley's previous band together, are two of my favorite albums, so having them contribute to the song writing on this album has made a huge difference and in my mind sets it apart from previous Saving Abel records. The fact that there were no time constraints this time and the record was basically written on the road seems to have allowed the band to write when they wanted to as opposed to writing when they had to. It's fun not forced."

The upcoming release will be released on November 11, the date was aptly chosen because by the band because it is Veteran's Day. Individually and collectively Saving Abel and its members have always been incredible supporters of the amazing men and women in the US Armed Forces. "18 Days," "Drowning", and "Miss America" were all written and dedicated to the US Military. Since 2009, Saving Abel has had the honor of being invited and traveling to play for the troops in some of the most remote and dangerous places in the world. …Iraq, Qatar, Cuba, Japan, and India just to name a few. No matter where they are or what they are doing, no matter if it's 5 minutes to show time, the boys in Saving Abel will ALWAYS stop what they are doing to acknowledge and thank a Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine. Scott Bartlett states " It's amazing that we now feel unencumbered by the confines of the traditional music business to the point that we can release our album on a date of our choosing, We were actually told that we were crazy to be releasing a new record in the 4th quarter, but it is actually a statement for us, to release this album on our own terms, when we want and how we want. At the end of the day all that matters is our music and our fans and what time of year it is isn't really a part of that equation. We're celebrating Veteran's Day with a new record and that's awesome!"

Saving Abel has no plans to slow down and has dates booked into 2015 and further. The band is still in the van and is starting a "Pledge Music" campaign to try to auction off some unique and special VIP experiences in order to be able to get back in a bus again. With the pre sale of the new album, the band will be offering additional add on packages that include fishing and BBQs with the band, guitar lessons, and to allowing fans to perform on their next record." It's all about finding that balance between enjoying your fans, family and friends and having a business that allows you to play music for a living, if we can go fishing and have meals with our fans and it helps us be able to stay on the road, we're all for that, hopefully we can do this forever" says bassist Eric Taylor.

Alien Ant Farm

Since the formation of Alien Ant Farm in 1995, the quartet has enjoyed worldwide success. Over the course of their four studio albums, cumulative sales surpass five million units a Grammy nomination and 4 top 10 singles. The band built a massive following on the road early in their career via high profile 2001 runs with Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Warped, and as the headliner on an MTV presented Fall Tour. In 2002, fame spread across the world, bringing Alien Ant Farm to the major European festivals, Australia's Big Day Out and a headline run in Japan. The following year they returned to Europe with Metallica, and to this day the band has steadily delivered audiences in territories across the globe.

From the beginning, the clever humor of vocalist Dryden Mitchell and guitarist Terry Corso has delivered visual imagery that made the band vanguards in the realm of music video. All of the singles released received heavy rotation on MTV and MTV2, with "Smooth Criminal" was voted the #2 video of 2001 on MTV's countdown. They appeared on the channel's programs Celebrity Dismissed, MTV Cribbs, and hosted House of Style. Alongside the massive support from cable, Alien Ant Farm were darlings of broadcast television with multiple appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and support from Carson Daly, Extra, CNN, Access Hollywood and Mad-TV amongst many more. With all the notoriety also came a 2001 Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2001.

The early history of the band began when the name came from a daydream Terry Corso had while employed at a day job. The concept revolves around the human species being cultivated by alien intelligence, and the colony forming much like it does in a traditional children's toy. In 1999, Alien Ant Farm self-released their debut titled Greatest Hits, which went on to win Best Independent Album at the L.A. Music Awards. In 2000, they signed to DreamWorks SKG, and went on to release Anthology. The following year, a cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" became a massive hit overseas, rising to #1 in Australia and New Zealand, and on the U.S. Modern Rock charts. It also rose to #3 in the U.K. To set the record straight on the inspiration behind choosing this song amongst the millions of copyrights, Corso shares, "When we were a young local band in SoCal, we'd play a different cover song by a different artist every show we would do. Wild unexpected stuff and sometimes not even songs we were that into. Just whatever was going on around us on the radio or whatever fit in with our inside jokes at that minute, from Ileah to Gary Glitter to The Police, we had a lot of fun with it. One week we had been throwing the idea of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" around the jam room, I believe someone had just watched Moonwalker again. The very next show we played, we hadn't learned the whole song yet but decided to klunk the main riff out for fun, the crowd loved it and went a little crazy. After that we learned the entire song and super charged it. The rest is pretty much history." To this day, the cover is a crowd pleaser. This past October 8th, the band was asked to appear alongside Cee Lo Green, Smokey Robinson and The Jackson Family at the Michael Jackson Forever Tribute Concert in Cardiff, Wales.

In 2003, the Alien Ant Farm entered the studio with Stone Temple Pilots' Robert and Dean DeLeo and cut Truant. Unfortunately, they ran in to unforeseen adversity with the closure of their record label, offering an insurmountable obstacle to continue building on the band's successes. Still under contract to Universal, Geffen green-lit the opportunity for Alien Ant Farm to return to the studio. In 2005, they recorded with Jim Wirt, but that album was not released as scheduled. Alien Ant Farm chose to share it with with fans via a bootlegged version, which has affectionately been re-named 3rd Draft by the public. Looking back on the adversity the band went through, alongside the massive fame Mitchell reflects, "This Alien Ant Farm 'Wave' is a bigger, longer wave than I could have hoped for. All these years later, we are still intact. From friends to foes to friends again, this band is something special, and nothing short of tight and explosive."

The next year in 2006 Up In The Attic was issued, and for the next several years the members went their separate ways reconvening in 2009 for performances in Kansas City, the Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth, UK and at the WARPED Tour in memory of Michael Jackson. They were back, and come 2010 began to rebuild a legacy that grows with each passing month. The band staged a very successful tour over the Summer and Fall, where they road tested new material in front of the live audience. In the New Year, they'll release the new recordings. Mitchell shares, "The First batch of these new songs are pretty to the point and pissed. Angry, but not negative. That is possible in this non tangible, musical and lyrical world. Unfortunately not possible in the real world, and that's why I love music. I can get this all out without hurting anyone."

Come 2014 Alien Ant Farm are back, and the path for the future will unfold one day at a time. As their career approaches two decades, Dryden offers, "Its hard to believe we have been doing this as long as we have, I don't think any of us thought when we started out that our career would go onto do what it has, or that we would face some of the hurdles and losses that we have but here we stand ready to give our fans and the world another piece of Alien Ant Farm, we honestly have the best fans in the business, not only have they stuck with us through all of the personal up's and down's but they have never given up on our music and how we create and deliver what we feel is real and pure. We are ready to head down this path again and could not be happier with our new partners at The End Records, there's nothing like having a team of believers around you that support your visions."

Stick a fork in Crazy Town--they're done. That's what everyone--including the band itself--thought when the first two singles off their debut album, 1999's The Gift of Game, only generated minimal airplay. Then they released "Butterfly," a breezy breakthrough hit that soared straight to No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart, and sent albums flying from retail shelves. All of a sudden, Crazy Town was hot property. As "Butterfly" blanketed rock, Top 40 and even R&B radio, the band went into heavy rotation on MTV and garnered critical praise from the likes of Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles Times, Spin, Entertainment Weekly and The Village Voice, who called the single "one of the greatest summer hits of all time." The band toured endlessly in support of the album, sharing stages with everyone from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sugar Ray and P.O.D. to Staind, Slipknot and Linkin Park. They tore up Ozzfest and tore down TRL, whipping the audience at the Times Square studio into a mosh pit frenzy. When all was said and done, Crazy Town had spent two years on the road and sold more than two and a half million albums worldwide. "Watching it all unfold was incredible," recalls co-frontman Shifty. "I remember a buddy of mine calling from a bullfight in Spain to tell me our video was playing on a giant stadium screen. That kind of stuff is just amazing."

When their grueling tour ended, Crazy Town returned home, road-tightened, revitalized and eager to redefine its focus. Not only was the group looking forward to working on new material, they were anxious to reveal a depth beyond the scope of their debut record. "'Butterfly' put us in an interesting position," says Crazy Town co-founder/co-frontman Bret "Epic" Mazur. "After it hit, we were suddenly considered 'too pop' for the rock community and 'too hard' to be fully embraced by the mainstream--which was fine with us. Being outcasts freed us to write whatever we wanted. There were no boundaries."

With mesmerizing sophomore album darkhorse, the Los Angeles-based band shatters any preconceived notions of what a Crazy Town record is supposed to sound like. Produced by Howard Benson (P.O.D., Mot^rhead) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (Sugar Ray, Hole), darkhorse sees the creatively reinvigorated group retaining the key elements of its signature sound--blast-furnace guitars and throbbing hip-hop jeep beats--while revealing a range that broadens with each listen. As Epic tells it, making the album was also a chance for the band to reaffirm its identity as a unit. "Seth and I formed Crazy Town, so we did 90% of the work on the first record," he says. "But after spending three years on the road, we all came together and learned how to be a band. When it came time to record, everyone came to the table with great ideas, resulting in a more focused album with heavier songs and a stronger sense of melody. We really pushed ourselves and you can hear the growth immediately."

True to its title, darkhorse is full of surprises, with Crazy Town channeling influences ranging from Cheap Trick and Fugazi to the Clash and Beastie Boys. Diversified and hook-laden, the sample-free record expands the parameters of hip-hop-flavored rock with a rich mix of combustible riffage, power-pop melodies and sparkling vocal harmonies. Sure, rhythmic juggernauts like "Decorated," "Waste of My Time" and "Take It To The Bridge" will hook listeners on the first spin, but it's the band's careful attention to songcraft--and the stunning vocal interplay between Epic and Shifty--that will keep them coming back for more.

"There's a lot more singing on this record," says Shifty. "I'm doing the majority of the rapping and Epic has stepped up to be 'the guy who sings the big vocal hooks.' It's made a huge difference in our sound." Adds Epic, "I was really excited by the thought of singing more. The vocalists I've always admired and respected--guys like Bob Dylan, Anthony Kiedis and Prince--have personality and character and a really unique sound. That's the kind of feel I'm going for. I'm not trying to be the best singer on the planet, I just want to convey emotion."

Helping push Crazy Town down different paths of artistic expression are former Shuvel drummer Kyle Hollinger and guitarist Kraig "Squirrel" Tyler, whose presence has clearly inspired the band to aim higher and deeper. "We needed some young, fresh blood and these guys definitely fit the bill," says Shifty. "Kyle is a piano prodigy and an amazing drummer. He filled in during a gig in Utah last year and blew us away. Squirrel was in a band called 16 Volt and he joined us halfway through our tour. At the time, he was doing sound for Methods of Mayhem. We heard him play and knew it was a perfect fit. When he joined, it was like, 'no one can fuck with us now.'"

Crazy Town and darkhorse break from the gate with blistering lead single "Drowning," in which the band examines the price and pleasure of fame and fortune. Says Epic, "We wrote that song in the bus during Ozzfest. It was an insane time for us--there were a lot of things going on both good and bad and we were trying to deal with it all. The song talks about straddling that fine line between enjoying success and maintaining sanity. We had to be really careful not to drown in all the hype."

A perfectly paced album follows, with Crazy Town dropping everything from Molotov cocktail riffs ("Battle Cry") to smooth, soulful rhymes ("Change"). Shifty shines on the languorous and fluid-grooved "Skulls and Stars," about the band's long, strange trip to the top ("I was a skull in the ground, now I'm a star in the sky, I went from crawling around to being able to fly"). Epic untangles conflicted a relationship in "Hurt You So Bad," a chainsaw pop track featuring a guitar solo by guest star Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. Other highlights include the meaty, beaty, big and bouncy "Candy Coated," and the slow-burning "Sorry."

"This record is much more personal than the first one," says Epic. "We went through many ups and downs over the course of the past few years and we were forced to grow up fast. There's a lot of soul searching going on in these songs."

As for the album title, Seth says, "We've always rooted for the underdog, and this time we're the underdog. We've heard people throw around the 'one-hit wonder tag' when talking about us and that's okay. We want to be the last thing the competition is worried about. The 'dark horse' is never viewed as a threat, but in the end it unexpectedly steps up and blows everyone away. That's what this record is going to do. Just you wait and see."

12 Stones is fronted by Grammy Award Winning Singer Paul McCoy. They have sold over 2 million albums worldwide.

On the eve of the release of Only Human, there is a sense of optimism amongst the members of 12 Stones. The band has worked hard for the past decade, spending months and years away from family while on the road in search of the stability a successful career brings. The missing links of their line-up have been solidified, and there is a new partner in independent record label Executive Music Group. All together, fate has caught up with the band in a positive way.

Since 2007, the trio of vocalist Paul McCoy, lead guitarist Eric Weaver, and rhythm guitarist Justin Rimer has been the core of 12 Stones. Mike McManus joined in 2010, with Brad Reynolds becoming the band's bassist recently, continuing the build the legacy that began in Mandeville, Louisiana over a decade ago in 2000. When asked about what each brings to the table when it comes to influences, singer McCoy reveals, "each and every member of this band has a personality that is unique. We all grew up in different areas and love different types of music. I grew up listening to nothing but country when I was young. I then fell in love with the 90's grunge phase. Eric grew up listening to blues and classic rock and was highly influenced by his father, who is an amazing guitar player as well. Justin grew up in the world of metal, and had success prior to joining 12 Stones as both a recording artist and writer. Mikey has a more eclectic taste in music citing , everything from Dream Theatre to Michael Jackson, while Brad has been in the more pop driven world, so together we bring a ton of different ideas to the table that end up as 12 Stones music."

Weaver and McCoy emerged from anonymity via the self-titled debut 12 Stones (2002), and had a significant rise through two years of steady touring alongside McCoy's appearance on the debut hit from Evanescence "Bring Me To Life." It did not take long for the public to take notice of the young band, as the debut went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies. Potter's Field (2004), Anthem for the Underdog (2007), and an EP titled The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday (2010) followed, delivering a significant following that stretches across the U.S. and The World today. To date, cumulative sales of 12 Stones recorded music exceeds two million units. A new partnership with independent label the Executive Music Group (EMG, via Fontana / Universal), and a recording that is the realized vision of a decade of finding their voice in Only Human, has delivered a renewed passion for the future of the band. Singer McCoy stated, "we recently signed to EMG records. Thanks to them we have found a new love for this industry. I think that people forget how hard it is to succeed when you don't have the right people in place. We think that we are finally poised to break through the mold. I have never felt stronger about what we are doing and I think that this is only the beginning for this band." Guitarist Weaver added, "EMG, and their partners in Fontana / Universal, are all supporting the vision that we have for the band. We've always wanted to reach out to our fans that are all over the world, and finally we are getting to do that. Our first tour in support of Only Human will be in Japan, and the opportunity to tour globally, and get to our fans locally, is something we have been waiting years for."

Only Human defines many of the qualities that transparently represent who these individuals are mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Rimer offers, "We all have inner struggles as humans and temptations in life. While we don't always choose the right path the first time, we learn from our experiences and become stronger. We all make mistakes and fall short sometimes, but it is the art of learning from these experiences that makes all the difference." McCoy adds, "The album title comes from knowing that we all eventually fall short of our expectations regardless of financial, emotional, physical well being. But in the same breath, we all strive to find a way to better ourselves. That's human nature. There are always two sides to people. It's all about realizing that we all bleed the same. we are ALL human. "

Lyrically, the songs capture the essence of life's challenges. The track "I'm With You" documents the impact a friend's suicide had on the band members. It is a song of hope for those that are going through the trials we all face and the hardships that are a part of life. Weaver reflects, "'I'm With You' is a song of comfort that you are not alone and nothing is worth the ultimate capitulation of taking your own life." According to Rimer, "'Bulletproof' is a missive to stand up for whatever it is that you fight for and believe in. No matter how many times you may get knocked down you have to keep fighting and allow nothing to stop you from attaining your desires." The energy of "Worlds Collide" is a prime example of this theme as the lyrics explore the battle of good and evil, and the personal, inner battle to find your way in search of the better cause. As Rimer points out, "Whatever may drag or down or pull you under can be overcome. The choice is up to you." For McCoy, he shares, "I find the strongest emotional attachment to 'That Changes Everything'. It is a song about giving in and giving up on something that has been a part of your life in a big way. But right before we succumb to the pain, we realize that the person that has been hurting you has been hurting just as bad the whole time. That's what gives us a new chance to make everything better. The whole time, we feel like no one can understand OUR pain but we couldn't see that they were going through the same thing."
From the beginning of the band's career, 12 Stones has straddled the worlds of spiritual and secular music. All the while, they have retained their integrity to be true to who they are individually and collectively. There are no messages, and inevitably like all writers they look towards offering a lyrical experience where the listener experiences a personal connection. In many ways this album title truly defines who they are, and the reality that there is nothing evangelistic about them. Each band member does possess a level of personal faith, but they simply are only human.

The live show of 12 Stones has always been an engaging experience, rocking with intensity one moment, and tuning it down to a slow, emotional experience the next. With Only Human, the repertoire is as diverse an array of compositions as they have ever delivered on one album. It truly captures the full gamut of human emotions. Rimer offers, "You're not always energized and ready to throw down. Sometimes moments in life are more heartfelt than others and it shows in these songs. We write how we feel and out of that you get a very diverse record. There is something for everyone on Only Human. 'Bury Me' is special, and we all really hope a lot of people discover, hear and feel this song. Amongst the five tracks we brought in string players for, this one really stands out for me personally. I think it will touch an awful lot of people." Weaver adds, "I hope those that listen can find comfort, healing, and all the other emotions that move us and make music such a special vehicle. People should walk away feeling inspired when they hear this album. The connection to the human spirit is paramount to inspired songwriting, and there is no question we all aimed to capture something real and meaningful here." In summing it up, McCoy shares, "we hope that they get excited when listening to or being around us. We are very passionate about our music. We love hearing stories about how we have brought something good to someone's life with our music."
A decade plus in, the band has survived in a large part due to the strong connection they have with their fans. The track "Psycho" was written specifically about the experience they share together within the setting of a live event. The message is simply, forget all your troubles and allow for the music to take over. Let loose, forget your cares, alleviate your worries, and let it all go. When entranced in the setting, the goal is inevitably to simply get lost. Weaver shared, "Without our fans there would be no 12 Stones. We thrive every night off our fans, and as we give it to them, they give it back. McCoy adds simply, "want to thank everyone for keeping us alive after 10 years."

Many bands digress and the years go on, running out of inspiration, and falling victim to clichés and formulas. For 12 Stones, the antithesis is the case as they continue to progress and mature. The stage show is stronger than it has ever been; their writing is finding its own unique voice. As Rimer shares, "I see really big things coming for the band. Our passion and determination are still here, and that really separates us from many of our contemporaries. We've been through some tough times, stuck it out, and now we are here to conquer bigger and better things." McCoy states in summation, "The most important part of this career to all of us is that we are still here wanting to be in this band. It is not because we have to, but it is because we truly love what we do. After more than a decade of touring, you either love what you do or hate it. Each of us remains passionate about this music, our live shows, and I believe our fans feel it. You can tell if someone's heart is not in their craft. Our fans, families and friends are the ones that give us strength to step out and do what we love every day. We strive to make our fans understand how much they mean to us, and without all of them we are nothing but a bunch of tattooed loudmouths."

Louisville-based post grunge rock group Tantric have defined themselves through 6 studio albums as a groove laden, guitar rich rock band with dense vocal harmonies and infectious vocal melodies. Frontman Hugo Ferreira's unique soulful baritone vocals, ranging from angsty rasps to melodious melancholy are a testament for the signature Tantric sound. Along with the usual intricate guitar work and infectious riffs layered over complex textures has become the hallmark of the Tantric sound. Tantric has endured for a career of 15 years, and although band has gone through many label and lineup changes over the years, Ferreira has managed to keep the entity that is Tantric alive and well. "I consider Tantric a boat that I float in—it's a vessel that carries the music. So I never feel restrictions. It doesn't have any rules. Tantric music can be super-heavy, light–or both It's really an open book with no ending in sight," says Ferreira.

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