Northside 2016 - Famous Swords & Desert Island Comics Present: Castle of Spices III with Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader lives in Baltimore, Maryland where he spends his time fueling his David Bowie obsession and releasing songs through the Wham City arts collaborative alongside fellow Baltimore resident Dan Deacon. With only a handful of demos available online, it's anyone's guess what exactly to expect from this multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire—if his two demo songs are any indication, get ready for minimalist psychedelic punk with Schrader's high pitch vocals and fuzzed out, lo-fi distortion.

Cloud Becomes Your Hand

"Evokes a slothy march up the mountainside of ferny Mt. McKinley with skies over your shoulder, water flasks bouncing, possible lashes of the whip forcing onwards the army of syntho-dwarfs. Pleasant busy neon notes in a vein of ore pouring out from Mount Ralph, we must not stop for gas. Unusual melodic lines and ultra-colorful fabric overlaps...All in all, a full carafe of well drafted hedgehog lemonade notions."

Wume is April Camlin and Albert Schatz. They live and work in the fair land of Baltimore, Maryland after spending their formative years in Chicago. Their music explores polyrhythmic structures through the lens of kosmische and is in a constant state of evolution and self-reflection. Albert and April began the collaboration as a development of April's drumming and Albert's interest in keyboards and synthesis. It became an exercise in pushing their abilities and conjuring vibes.

Nathaniel Rappole's solo project Gull is best described as a drum; a living, breathing, squawking drum that cries out assorted music of creatures past and delivers it from a single unique perspective; a communal music broadcast of blood and bile left as an offering on the altar of sound.

Gull has been active for more than a decade and has recorded a 7", 2 EP's and 2 full length albums and has spent the better part of the past 5 years touring vigorously ~ playing venues, on the streets and in the wilds of North and Central America, Kenya and Europe.
Gull has toured in support of White Rabbits, Tres Mts and RNDM and has shared the bar arena with the likes of Silver Apples, Girl Talk, Deerhoof, Adrian Belew, Panda Bear and Melt Banana...

In 2012 Gull was featured in a movie about music in Mexico called Hecho en Mexico (Netflix), and in 2014 he produced, hosted and performed in a documentary on street/public music and culture in Kenya (Street Muse: Kenya), which premiered at The Fowler Museum at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA on August 21st, 2014.

Parlor Walls

Parlor Walls is Alyse Lamb, Kate Mohanty, and Chris Mulligan. Their music swims between chaos and restraint, nestling in the cracks of warmth and dissonance. They call it "trash jazz".


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