The Men, Useless Eaters

The Men

The Men were formed in 2008, in Brooklyn, NY. Since then we've released 5 LPS, 6 eps and 8 tapes. We've played basements, dive bars, theaters, parking lots, big festivals, small festivals, and a boat. A lot of different people have come in out of this band over the years. We're still ridin' on.

Useless Eaters

Trashy lo-fi garage rock project Useless Eaters was started by young Jay Reatard protégé and Memphis dweller Seth Sutton in 2008. Working by himself, Sutton tirelessly churned out art-damaged garage rock tunes, mostly appearing in the form of various 7"s until his debut full-length, Zulu, appeared in 2011. That same year brought another full-length release with Daily Commute, as well as a collection of tracks from his then ample discography of sold-out 7"s entitled Cheap Talk: The Singles. Another full-length appeared in 2012 withC'est Bon and Sutton moved in a slightly more new wave direction the next year for Hypertension. The Useless Eatersproject had mostly been the work of Sutton on his own up until that point, though he would sometimes collaborate with like-minded garage kingpin Ty Segall. He relocated from the south to the west coast around 2014, expanding the project to include guitarist Byron Blum, bassist -organized quartet version of the band offered up 2014 full-length Bleeding Moon, moving even further in a Devo-influenced direction.

Heavens Gate

Brooklyn based band with Alex cvetovich, Jess Paps, Mike sheffield, Jack Wolf, Michael Levario.

Record Labels:
Inflated Records, Fire Talk Records


Formed in Brooklyn in 2012, the members of LAW$UITS are all NY natives (from the boroughs, Long Island, and upstate) and cut their teeth in NYC playing gigs together in their previous bands: The Marsh Hens, Video Daughters, and Electricians. These four players combined form an entirely different beast from those bands -- one that hits HARD and doesn't come up for air ... till it's time to fly. LAW$UITS embraces a strong focus on song composition, keeping their structures tight but allowing space for noisy improvisation when the spirit moves them. It's about the freedom of expression. Love them or hate them, they're having a ball and couldn't care less.

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