a gampo tale.

Forged from a history of hardship and partying, Prof’s music and career reflect the dichotomy that his life has been. His music chronicles everything he has experienced; from adversities as a child, like his father setting fire to their home or sleeping on a bean bag growing up, to his adult diversions, like his love affair with whiskey and women (in that order). Much the same, his career has also seen this duality. After grinding on the Minneapolis hip-hop scene for over ten years with little to show besides a ravenous fan base, Prof has recently begun to make serious national traction on the back of his unique recordings, video content and must see live shows.

Frequently billed with rap mainstays like Atmosphere, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, POS, Brother Ali, Doomtree and Killer Mike, Prof has shown his talent can hang with the best. This talent has been well documented by his critically acclaimed Kaiser Von Powderhorn mixtape series, three full length albums, recordings with Brother Ali, Slug and Yelawolf, and a guest appearance on the Atmosphere track “Minnesota Nice”.

Prof’s most 2011 LP King Gampo is proof that he’s only getting better. Thanks to help from friends like Brother Ali, Ant of Atmosphere, and MTV Riff Raff (SODMG), King Gampo expands upon Prof’s previous works detailing his worst memories and best parties, making sure the listener bobs their head and shakes their ass the entire time. To support the record, Prof joined Atmosphere and Grieves on national tours in fall of 2011, headlined sold-out King Gampo Tour dates in February 2012, and was Andre Nickatina’s direct supporting artist during his national tour in the Spring of 2012.

Currently, Prof is set to release new Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3, the third volume of his widely popular, Kaiser Von Powderhorn mixtape series with features by Yelawolf, Slug and guest production from Doomtree’s, Lazerbeak out September 25, 2012.

Mike Mictlan

Mictlan (pronounced meek-lawn) originally hails from Los Angeles, where he began rapping at an early age. By ten he had already decided that it was all he ever wanted to do with his life, and he's stuck to that path through all of the ups and downs. In the mid-nineties Mike spent a year with family in Minnesota, during which time he befriended several future Doomtree crew members, among them P.O.S, who credits Mictlan with teaching him how to rap. Soon after returning to LA, Mike began playing shows and working with other artists in the scene, though he never lost touch with his friends in the frozen north. As the years went by, Doomtree became a formidable contender in the midwestern underground rap game, and after much consideration (and incessant needling from the crew itself), Mike Mictlan decided to make the big move in 2004, and he has never looked back.

Since arriving back in the Twin Cities, Mictlan has earned a deserved reputation for putting on one of the best live shows around, whether in town or on the road. By combining nimble, original patters, heady word-play, a flair for the theatrical (performances have been know to include capes, knives and custom Lucha Libre masks), and an unmatched intensity, Mictlan's live show pulls the audience in and doesn't let go until the final bar. No witness can deny the conviction that Mike has for his job, and that's pretty rare in a scene rife with disaffected cynicism and rappers to jaded or nervous to put their necks on the line.

In 2005, Doomtree released Mictlan's first recorded solo project, False Hopes 8: Deity For Hire, a mixtape-style stew of songs he recorded before and after his move to Minneapolis. Fans were finally able to take home a piece of the man, the myth, and the mask. In 2006, his appearance on the track "Living Slightly Larger" off of P.O.S' album Audition was a clear standout and has introduced Mictlan's name to scads of new listeners across the country. Althought both CDs continue to fly off the shelves, Mictlan is looking forward to bigger things. 2009 promises to deliver. His performances on Doomtree's 2008 full-length LP are among the best he's ever recorded and "Hand Over Fist", the critically praised collaboration with Doomtree super-producer Lazerbeak was the knock-out punch that's been winding up since a young Mictlan first picked up the mic.

He's put in the legwork, studied his craft, and now Mike Mictlan is about to make the first big leap into the hearts and minds of hip hop fans the world over. This is the year we can begin to say, "I knew him when..."

"Doomtree puts on a good show. But even when all the crew's on stage...Mictlan stands out. He rolls his eyes back in his dead, reaches out to the crowd and fuels intensity through his mic."
-MN Daily

DJ Fundo

Fundo's resume speaks for itself. Having DJ'ed for Minneapolis hip hop mainstays like Toki Wright, M.anifest, Desdamona, Truth Maze, & Kanser over the past 8 years, Fundo has no shortage of experience. This combined with the fact that he currently acts as the touring DJ for one of Minneapolis' fastest growing rappers, Prof, and co-hosts the two premiere rap dance parties in the Twin Cities in Get Cryphy (Plain Ole Bill, Jimmy2Times, DJ Last Word) and Hands High (Plain Ole Bill), it's hard to argue that many other DJ's in the Twin Cities have been responsible for more good times, and subsequent hangovers, than Fundo.

Both as a touring DJ and a party DJ, Fundo has shared the stage with hip hop greats DJ Craze, DJ Premier, Z-Trip, Atmosphere, DJ Babu, Evidence, Ice-T, P.O.S., Grieves & Budo, Too Short, Killer Mike, Doomtree, Astronautalis, Yelawolf, Common, Krs-One, The Heavy, Mike Relm, and Bad Rabbits just to name a few.

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