The Really Cooks

The Really Cooks

“The Really Cooks may be the only ‘food rock’ band in Philly. Wait, they definitely are,” jokes Brian Wilensky of Philadelphia City Paper. These guys have created an alternate world in which music and food are more than platonic friends – they are lifelong lovers.

Don’t let the band members’ half-human, half-cartoon identities fool you; The Really Cooks are 100% awesome. They combine late period British ’60s pop with a quirky American showtune aesthetic to craft catchy, palate-pleasing pop tunes. The harmonic element of their music is reminiscent of Queen and the Beach Boys, while their psychedelic sensibility channels that of The Zombies.

Stephie Coplan & The Pedestrians

After failing miserably at art lessons at the tender age of eight, Stephie Coplan snapped her paint brush in half and promptly entered a third-grade life crisis. She was too young to buy a sportscar, so she asked her parents for a piano instead. By high school, she was writing songs, recording her first album, winning classical piano competitions, and traveling from her small town in Maryland to perform all over the world, from Switzerland to Disneyworld to New York City.

Like a musical M&M, Coplan's outer shell of crisp, colorful lyrics protects a sweet, gooey, melancholic center of rich, observational storytelling. Blending humor, poignancy, and one hell of a vocabulary, Coplan creates characters ranging from hipster snobs to wild-child hippies to sadistic flight attendants and effortlessly builds entire worlds around them - all within catchy, tunefully crafted pop songs. Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne noticed similarities to his own songwriting, commenting that Coplan seems "destined for the same commercial purgatory as the rest of us 'smart' songwriters."

After forming a large and supportive fan base in Boston while attending Tufts University, Coplan moved to the New York City area and formed Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians with bassist John F. Hebert and drummer Shane Considine. Earning comparisons to the bombastic piano-banging of Ben Folds Five, the dance-punk edginess of Metric, and yet the earnest sweetness of Taylor Swift, the trio has gone from playing intimate clubs in the Lower East Side to receiving airplay on commercial alternative radio alongside artists like Death Cab For Cutie and the Foo Fighters in just a few months.

Only twenty-four hours after putting the '60s-inspired music video for their first single, "Jerk!" on YouTube (directed by David Dutton of "Internet Killed the Video Star" fame), Coplan and her band were bewildered when it went somewhat viral, receiving thousands of hits in under a week from word-of-mouth alone. The Boston Phoenix blogged about the song twice within days, calling it a "gold-star keeper," Performer Magazine added it to their playlist alongside Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Hurricane Bells, and AOL Spinner featured it as their Video of the Day in December 2011 alongside videos from Foster the People and Feist. The group was immediately named Artist of the Month in The NYC Deli Magazine, after having just won the fan-voted People's Choice Award at the Hoboken Music Awards the month before, receiving over 700 votes and beating out popular local bands like The Fave and The Bern & the Brights.

Lifelong musicians, Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians are passionate about playing live and are enjoying a rapidly growing fan base in the New York area, performing regularly at venues like The Living Room, Maxwell's, and Rockwood Music Hall. Music Connection Magazine has praised Coplan's "razzmatazz keyboard tickling and stunningly clever choruses," calling their show a "home run" and featuring the trio on their 2011 year-end Hot 100 list of live unsigned artists. Audiences can expect "great energy and playfulness," (DAVE'S PHOTO BLOG), "fearless moxie and a wicked sense of humor," (UNVEILED ARTS), and even a little beatboxing (the group opened for beatboxing legend Rahzel at CMJ 2011.)

Oh, yeah. And the group's debut EP hasn't even come out yet.

Starting in January 2012, Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians will embark on a long-awaited mini-CD release tour along the east coast with shows in New York, Hoboken, Washington DC, and Boston. They are looking forward to making new fans, new friends, and of course, new music.

Glen Landing

Catchy melodies with fist pumping progressions lend the backbone to the piano rock trio, Glen Landing. Two parts male and one part female make the mixture of this band a unique blend with loud guitars layered with piano. Rocking out of the Philadelphia area Glen Landing has a brand new LP out called, "Sentimental." Co-produced by Chuck Treece, this album is dynamic, raw, sincere, and heartfelt. At times the vocals are alike to All-American Rejects and the music could be the Frey with Dashboard meets Chevelle. As with Glen Landing's live show, their brand new full length LP, "Sentimental," will keep your senses stimulated in the anticipation of what's next.



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