Andrew Grossman of The North Country, Wilder Maker, Big Mama Shakes, Brushes *EP RELEASE*

Andrew Grossman of The North Country

Combining American roots rock and roll with the lyrical earnestness of folk, The North Country brings to DC a musical and spiritual call to arms that is both sophisticated and imminently listenable. The North Country are musical traditionalist, operating under the mindset that in an age of endlessly processed and commodified music there is still no substitute for thoughtful songwriting and tasteful musicianship. Whether playing a house show in a sweaty basement in Petworth or on the main stage at The Black Cat The North Country bring the same level of enthusiasm and intentionality that will leave you with no choice but to have a good time.

Wilder Maker

Wilder Maker is the songwriting project of Gabriel Birnbaum (b. 1986, Boston, MA) a multi-instrumentalist and composer living in Brooklyn, NY. He has performed on stage and on record with artists such as Sixto Rodriguez, Sharon Van Etten, Jens Lekman, DeVotchKa, Akron/Family, Miracles of Modern Science, The One AM Radio, and SKATERS and his projects have shared stages with Deerhoof, Gogol Bordello, Phosphorescent, and J. Tillman. Their most recent LP Year of Endless Light (2013) was described by eMusic's Jayson Greene as "a remarkable album, richly conceived and remarkably, wildly played." No Ripcord called it "a multidimensional tour de force," and Folk Radio UK praised it for "an incredible breadth of vision that defies musical genres."

Big Mama Shakes

Big Mama Shakes
At its core: Big Mama Shakes is synonymous with rock and roll. I don't mean that in the pretentious "I'm an artistic genius" kind of way that John Lennon or Robbie Robertson might have; I mean it in the most painfully fun and raucously raw way one can experience rock and roll.

Brushes *EP RELEASE*

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