Scissorfight is back! New line up, new songs and the old classics! Doug Aubin on vocals and Rick Orcutt on drums, along with Jay Fortin and Paul Jarvis will be bringing a new/old sound to the stage... Hard and heavy... New pair of scissors, same fight.

21st Century Fugitives

"That once in a blue moon rarity that blows you away." Fresh Muzikk
"Watch these teenage rockstars dominate the stage." Enthuzed
"To say that they know how to rock is an understatement." Junior's Cave
"It's like the Beatles on steroids." 360 Mag

A Pavoh/NE Music Awards, "RADAR Artist of the Week."
Song "DAZED" is UK's TBFM Radio "Song of the Week."

The 21st Century Fugitives is a young American alternative rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2011. Their style blends the hard driving energy of punk rock with incredibly catchy melodies and killer blues and rockabilly guitar riffs.
They are taking Boston by storm. Their new EP "Regret Nothing" is now on iTunes and Amazon!

Analog Heart

Analog Heart is a power vocal driven rock band from New England. Analog Heart means to love and to be real. Singer/songwriter and rhythm guitar player Liz Bills hypnotizes audiences as the "little woman with the big voice." Her powerful presence demands attention. Austin Ferrante doesn't go unnoticed behind the drum set. He is exciting and passionate and you can't help but be moved by his raw emotion. Jesse Cohen, guitar player and songwriter completes the trio. He is the voice of reason, a truly gifted musician and the glue that holds Analog Heart together. Analog Heart released their debut self titled E.P. October 20th. 2012

Abbie Barrett & Band

Big Time Kill

We make noisy synth-fueled rock music.

Choke Up is four best buds from Boston who love the Weakerthans and King of the Hill.

The Devil's Twins

The Devil's Twins. A Trio of criminals dominating the headlines, are notorious and vicious thieves whom disguise their crimes by fronting as a traveling three piece music outfit known for their loud, broken-or as many of their youthful cult followers would call "Rock and Roll" sound.

The Twins and their gang of followers terrorize the East Coast and Midwest of the states robbing banks and police arsenals, and staging several jail breaks freeing fellow delinquents. It is because of behavior such as this, that they are referred to by the public as "The Devil's Twins."

The Twins are currently at large and have been spotted at several "underground" concert shows across the U.S. To establish their presence and deliver their message to their growing youthful following, they have released such singles for radio broadcast such as "I Can't Stop $inning" and "How'd I get my Hands So Dirty."

The Twins are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous so if spotted, please proceed with caution. If you, or anyone you know capture any images, video footage or any intelligence, please post it here, or at any of the corresponding sites listed below and do you part in catching The Devil's Twins.

"A band to watch in 2015." - Steve Morse

"Seriously raucous barroom rock that stings with lean power chords and open-hearted lyrics." - James Reed, The Boston Globe

"Hints at some lost collaboration between
Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando or
Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando. Maybe this is a roundabout way of saying
Field Day has a gift for modern rock melodies." - Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

Goldblood & Associates

I Was Awake

I WAS AWAKE is a progressive rock band from the Boston area, started when five friends from the North Shore collaborated in the spring of 2011 to create a new and eclectic sound.

Consisting of members from well-known Massachusetts acts Autumn Above, Froggy & The Friendship, Rohirrim, Sleep at the Wheel and Fallow, they are no strangers to the Boston music scene. Elements of prog, metal, indie, and alternative shine through to create a unique blend of music with diverse appeal.

IWA released their 2nd EP April 5th, 2013, recorded and mastered at New Alliance Audio/New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA. IWA is playing consistently to a strong fan base around the North Shore and Boston area, while expanding regionally into Rhode Island and New Hampshire, as well as writing and recording their debut full-length (2014).

Idle Pilot

Jack Romanov

When all four members of Jack Romanov started studying at Suffolk University in the fall of 2012, none of them could have predicted meeting each other and practicing in the cramped up basements of downtown Boston.

After running into each other while trying to use a practice room at Suffolk, Luke Bergamini and Nico Renzulli quickly became friends and started playing together. While both students were multi-instrumentalists, Renzulli took care of the drums while Luke jammed out on the guitar. Bringing metal, classic rock, and blues influences along with them, they started searching for a bassist and a charismatic singer to add on to their jam sessions.

Along their Suffolk class they found the theater and A Cappella backed singer, Nick Aikens and bassist Sean Egan. The four quickly settled on a direction and started playing and writing together.

After a few months however, Egan decided to leave for personal reasons while still remaining friends with the band. With a growing list of upcoming shows, Bergamini found and recruited Esteban Cajigas to the band.

With each member coming and growing up in a different part of the country, (Aikens from New Hampshire, Bergamini from New Jersey, Renzulli from LA, and Cajigas from Florida) all four members brought a different tone to the band, particularly Aikens with a pop-driven edge.

With their self release of their "Get Some Sleep" EP and shows in Boston, New York City, Somerville, Jack Romanov is trying to get their name and sound out for anybody who is looking for a new band.

Junior Classics

Music from our hearts to your face

The Knock Ups

Boston based, female fronted, 90's inspired, garage punk.

Gretchen Shae: guitar, vox
John Surette: lead guitar,vox
Cat Verlicco: bass guitar, vox
Daniel McCarthy: drums

Salem Wolves

"Boston's Salem Wolves dropped the new EP, Black Books, where Howlin' Jack, Isaac, and Woodrue howl out the hounds of heck on, "I Saw Hell", to the rumbling rough and ready, "Rumblr", unleashing the occultic underground observances, "There Be Wytches", to the doom destroying title cut finale. Salem Wolves are here to summon out your inner ache for rugged, and damned riffs that ride out into a thousand sunsets." -Impose Magazine

"That rumbling heard off in the distance is Salem Wolves. The north-of-Boston rock trio, based exactly where their name suggests, dropped their debut EP, Black Books, back in January, and it's a garage-pop and surf-rock mixer that puts a fresh spin on tested sounds... a gritty, hip-shaking number that tumbles along to the imagined sights of a bonfire beach party" - Vanyaland

"Salem Wolves bring a mix of garage-y noise, distorted witchy psych sounds, and pop sensibilities to life on Black Books. The more I hear it, the catchier it gets.... Trashy garage pop at its demented best." -Angelle Wood, WZLX Watch List

"Quite brilliant all-out garage rock... confident swagger" - Route for the Underdog

"Black Books, the new EP from Salem Wolves, is a solid release. It's garage rock tinged with a slightly poppier sound, but a lo-fi vibe, which gives it a Sebadoh meets garage rock sound. "I Saw Hell" is a Rocket From the Crypt style rocker with a touch of glam. "Rumblr" is the thrash rock version of "I Want Candy." Black Books comes highly recommended." - If It's Too Loud...

"A classic has to start somewhere." -WZLX

"Interesting for a couple of reasons; it's lo-fi and it's really about witches and shit like that. I don't know if these guys are crazy or think they're being funny, or actual Wiccans, or what, but I like this track." - Hearts Bleed Radio

"Raucous garage pop-rock" - MaineToday

Weakend Friends

Weakened Friends is an indie rock band from Boston Massachusetts and Portland Maine. Comprised of members from other New England based bands The Box Tiger (Sonia Sturino and Cam Jones) and The Field Effect (Annie Hoffman) the trio crafts whimsical catchy noise pop sound which is uniquely energetic and jovial. Formed in spring of 2015 the band already has a debut E.P under their belts called "Gloomy Tunes" released in September 2015 with plans to release a follow up E.P in early 2016.

" "Gloomy Tunes" is a gleeful throwback to the badass lady rock of the 1990s and early 2000s, that zips along at pop-punk speed but ends up sounding more like the kid sister to Liz Phair or current snotty punk trendsetters Potty Mouth." - Bangor Daily News

"Homegrown furious noise rock" - Boston Herald

"Their new EP, Gloomy Tunes, a collection of four upbeat, supercharged songs that lyrically reflect the confusion and chaos of modern life" - Vanyaland

WORSHIPPER plays the kind of darkly epic rock that can only be found in the vinyl collection of your "cool uncle." Through their unique mix of contemporary and classic influences, WORSHIPPER prove that the horn-throwing soul of melodic heavy music of the past still burns brightly.


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