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"There is no group more mythical than Faust.” Thus wrote English musician and eccentric Julian Cope. Which says it all really, neither the habitus nor the music of the Hamburg group was easy to grasp. Whilst some lauded Faust as the best thing that ever happened to rock, others dismissed them as shameless Dilettantes. Their collage of Dadaism, avantgarde rock and free improvisation radically divided opinion. When the first LP was unleashed on the world in 1971, Faust were very much the prophet in his own land, as the saying goes: few were interested in listening to their music – in Germany. Not so across the Channel: this is where Faust‘s career really kickstarted. These monoliths of avant-garde rock sold 100,000 copies of their album “The Faust Tapes”.More than 40 years after their debut, Faust have come up with another archetypical album: inspiring, innovative, unpredictable, crossing boundaries, anarchic – Faustian! This lineup features founders Jean-Herve Peron and Zappi Diermaier + Maxime Manac'h (long time normal EU/UK Faust member), plus others in this touring unit for the USA.

Jowe Head and the Celestial Choir

Legend of British experimental rock, Jowe Head joined the Swell Maps in 1973 recording and performing alongside Epic Soundtracks and Nikki Sudden. The band released two forward-thinking LPs unlike anything else Britain's punk/post-punk canon, and a slew of singles before disbanding in 1980, influencing an army of acolytes to follow. The 1980's saw him issue solo material as well as music with the Palookas, the Househunters, and also as a member of the great Television Personalities from 1984-94. He has continued to create formidable solo material ever since, mostly playing around Britain. His USA band tonight has performed with him for a number of stateside visits, and includes members of the Mad Scene, Magnetic Fields, and Special Pillow, performing songs past and present from Jowe's history.

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