The Sessh

The Sessh

Bursting with energy, emotion, and unpredictable experimentation, the Colorado based trio tears open the artistic envelope, bringing both nuance and eclectic strength to their funk-livetronica oriented repertoire. Their sound is both atmospheric and ambitious, without losing the pedal-to-the-metal power that keeps their audience dancing into the night and wanting more.

The Sessh is made up of Royal Peeps song writer/producer Cristian Basso (MIDI bass), Frogs Gone Fishin's Trevor Jones (guitar and lead vocals) and former Little Hercules member Roy Burki on drums and samples. This dynamic trio is fusing new technologies with vintage instruments and tones to form what they call an example of "Electro Funk Rock".

The Sessh has started recording their debut CD in the Funk Bunker Studio. Stay tuned for more information on the CD.

Ape Tit

Ape Tit is a cluster fuck of musical ideas swimming around in the brain of Jeff Jani... These beats have been fabricated entirely without the help of a computer or any software and is tracked live and layered onto an 8 track recorder... so sit back and enjoy yourself as Ape Tit goes ape shit and murderously rapes your soul to pieces! thank you and good night...
Ape Tit was born out of the jungle.

Sensing a propensity for masterful beats and dense grooves, Jeff Jani (The Big Motif) and Trevor Jones (Frogs Gone Fishin') combine to form Ape Tit, the likes of which has never been seen in the electronic, jam, or hip-hop universe!

Featuring elements from several genres, Ape Tit employs live loops and instrumentation... a far cry from today's "Press Play and Walk Away" DJ's.
Every show is different, every song different each time it's played.

Don't miss Ape Tit around Colorado in Denver and the mountains this summer!! Ape Tit is coming to a club or festival near you!

$7.00 - $10.00


Upcoming Events
The Walnut Room - Walnut Street Location