Iron Chic is a melodic punk band from Huntington Station, NY. Formed back in 2008, the band released a five-song demo tape, followed by the Shitty Rambo 7-inch the next year, and finally their debut full-length, Not Like This, in 2010 - all on Long Island-based Dead Broke Rekerds. The band garnered quite a bit of attention, not only for their music, but also because they were hailed as a "supergroup" (, featuring members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer, and more. In the following years, the band released a split 7inch, and toured hard. Finally in 2013, they teased fans with the Spooky Action 7", and then released their anticipated proper followup, The Constant One, to great acclaim.

The members of Timeshares were best friends in 2008. That all changed with the formation of Timeshares in 2009. Be sure to catch Timeshares before they like each other again.

Slingshot Dakota

Carly Comando and Tom Patterson are two people who carry the weight of an entire band. Their set-up is simple: Carly is on keys and Tom plays drums. They do things with these instruments that most bands can't do with a standard set up: they cram the sonic space they are in. Originally this was actually the case as they began as a three-piece featuring Jeff Cunningham and Latterman's Pat Schramm. But narrowing it down to a duo in 2006 did no harm; Carly's keyboard seems to take on the role of several more people as it adds multiple dimensions to their sound.

2008's Their Dreams are Dead, but Ours is the Golden Ghost was a seminal release for their entry onto the scene. With Carly from Long Island and Tom from the Lehigh Valley (PA), their home-turfs both came with built-in popular support as they romped the DIY all-ages show circuit. In it, they blew away audiences with their at-times more sober lines like "I'm gonna love you till the day I die" juxtaposed with moments of their swelling pop sound. When Tom isn't screenprinting (he does everything from gig posters to commercial ventures to fine art) and Carly isn't music licensing, they are refining their highly-anticipated album, Dark Hearts, set to come out this year.


Having only played live as a band for less than a year, Loud Boyz has quickly become an incredibly buzzed about band in the mecca of punk rock music. They've shared the stage with The Buzzcocks, Coliseum, Black Clouds and Typefighter, playing prolific venues like The Howard Theatre, Black Cat and Rock and Roll Hotel. Having varied backgrounds as punk eclectics, artists and musicians with a rapturous swirl, Loud Boyz's Kenny Brown, Rory Sheridan, Devin Cassidy, Alex Anderson and Mitchell West fused their collective arty, noisy weirdness to create punk music so raw and unpredictable that it's abundantly clear these five dudes are here to shake shit up.

Loud Boyz might be new, but these dudes are no strangers to the hardcore punk scene, playing in notable bands like Warchild, Rattler and New Rock Church of name a few. By merging the most prominent elements of their past projects, Loud Boyz has unearthed a violently-awesome collision of punk, hardcore and garage rock that makes heads bang without sacrificing an ounce of sonic bite. While they're indisputably a band that needs to be seen live to be fully understood, they've recently taken their talents to the recording studio and will be unveiling their first EP on Cricket Cemetery in January 2015.

Lilac Daze

The Rememberables

Collider is a band from Washington DC. Humans in this band include Jon Hand, John Crum, Nicole Morris and Ryan Burke.

You can tell the Mauls have strong roots in the D.C. hardcore scene. Rapid-fire rat-a-tat drumming, bass lines kicking off songs, and playing fast enough to hit the sound barrier, the trio—Michael Sparrow on drums, Kirk Waldroff on bass and vocals, and Pete Duvall on guitar and vocals—recorded with famed producer J. Robbins at his Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore and self-released their debut 7-inch, distributed by Dischord Records. But the Mauls just use those roots as a jumping-off point, moving forward with really catchy melodies and interesting time changes, a great mixture of old and new sounds. The Mauls are the fence that runs between punk and loud indie rock, and will appeal to both camps.

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