Alpha Pride

The Stu Tails

Upon first listening to The Stu Tails, you'll immediately understand why the band members named themselves after such a hard hitting, party starting concoction. Between their exuberant live stagesmanship, danceable reggae-infused rock riffs and radio-friendly arrangements and hooks, the band has managed to create a sound and presence that has gotten the attention from several notable figures in the music world. Bob Jamieson, former RCA and BMG CEO, said, "Their potential is unlimited. I haven't seen a band with this much energy and musicianship in a long time."

After recording their first album Indecent Exposure and receiving millions of online song plays, the band decided to take their sound to the west coast. Currently residing in San Francisco, CA, the four members continue to play across the U.S. and Canada while their music continues to gain traction. In October 2013 the band returned to the studio to record "Unconscious Communication", and released "Moral Hangover" in July of 2015.

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