John Rotellini

Modern culture is filled with escapes from reality- from video games to television and film, seeing the extroardinary has become common place. Very rarely though, do we see the implossible happen live.

Since 2005, John Rotellini has captivated audiences around the world by doing just that- the impossible. Whether it be performing live in front of thousands, hosting his own radio shows, executing death-defying large scale stunts, or his more recent endeavors into the world of automotive racing, John's passion knows no bounds.

Early on in his childhood, John's developed an interest in magic and illusion. He was astounded by the feats of magicians such as David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, and Jay Owenhouse. Early on, it was noticed that John had some very big dreams, what was even more surprising was his drive to make them come to fruition. "I've always been a bit of a dreamer, to lend a phrase from a book I recently finished, I guess you could call me an 'incurable optimist.' Often times, I come up with some really far out ideas, but I don't have that give up process that most people have, I guess you could say that I try to imagine anything as being possible."

An athlete, student leader, and philanthropist throughout his middle and highschool years, John kept very busy, but remained interested in the art of magic. His interest soon became a passion, when, in 2005 he began studying the craft after some suggestions from a friend. That study led John to merge magic into his other interests- music, film, hypnotism, mentalism, and stuntwork, creating an experience unlike any other. What has become an obsession for the better part of a decade, John's current work is truly remarkable. His performances aren't simply magic or hypnosis shows, but are more along the lines of living in a hollywood blockbuster full of twists, turns, and danger. No longer is the world of the impossible limited to the silver screen.

Over the years, John has been fortunate to receive wisdom from many of his heroes within the entertainment world. These contacts have included Don Wayne, Andre Kole, Doug Malloy, Chris Carter, Joe Monti, Jay Owenhouse and countless others. "To be able to meet such figures Criss Angel, Lance Burton, Penn & Teller and the man that astounded me as a child; David Copperfield has been an amazing experience... It's great to be able to share in such a rich art form with these individuals." He has also had the pleasure of entertaining some of entertainment's hottest stars, including comedian Kevin Hart and television icon Ross Matthews.

John frequently travels to the magic capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada to make contact with his heroes and on occasion guest star in some of the Strip's most critically acclaimed productions.

In 2009, John launched his first theater performance, which opened with a two day run entertaining combined audiences of over 1000. The event, titled The Magic of John Rotellini was held on April 4th and 5th, and was preceded by a stunt on April 1st. The stunt, Rotellini's first was entitled -B L I N D- and required John to spend an entire day without sight, wrapping up with a blind drive through the streets of his hometown in a 2009 Pontiac Solstice roadster.

From there, John has kept very busy, raising thousands of dollars for charities that include Kidd's Kids, Children's Miracle Network, and Relay for Life. In november of 2009, John saw another dream come true as he created, directed , and starred in his first U.S. Tour entitled The Magic of John Rotellini Locked UP. Since then, John has traveled the country entertaining audiences at various colleges and public events to rave reviews. He has been fortunate enough to gain sponsorship from American Crew Men's Products and has had the privilege of having EXPRESS Fashion be the official wardrobe provider for his Tours. Recently, he has been conjuring up new and innovative illusions with the guidance of his heroes, including master illusionist Franz Harary.

One such project has been John's next large scale stunt for which his first tour Tour was titled. Locked UP is his most daring project yet, as John will be putting his life on the line yet again. This time, he will attempt to escape from inside of a locked shipping crate lined with military grade explosives hoisted over 100 feet into the air before the crate, and everything inside detonates. Alongside of this, John has been training for a less lethal stunt in which he plans to predict, in sequence, the nation's largest lottery; The Powerball a full week in advance. Some classics of magic have also been getting an updated overhaul behind the scenes while John prepares to resume his Touring schedule starting on January 25, 2012 with his all new "TOURPOCALYPSE 2012" live show.

Regardless of age, John's blend of high octane, jaw dropping magic, hypnotism, mentalism, music, and film will be sure to leave you speechless. Afterall, how often do you get to live the impossible?



A portion of proceeds will go to benefit Make-A-Wish of Wyoming

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