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Tracy Bonham

"a riveting, complicated maker of pop music. She is the kind of songwriter who uses pop conventions intelligently, then also dashes them."-Popmatters

"Tracy's a beautiful, wild spirit and I'm honored to have played a small part on her mighty new record."-Langhorne Slim

Musical journeywoman, Tracy Bonham has released lyric videos for two new songs this morning! Those songs "Luck" and "Wax & Gold" are available to order as a digital single via Amazon and iTunes (links below). They also will be included on her forthcoming full-length album Wax & Gold to be released on August 21st. According to Bonham, the two tracks represent the two sides of this release and juxtapose each other. "Luck is a bit of a moody and dark tune while, 'Wax & Gold' is more harmonious and light. They represent both sides, the Wax and the Gold."

Watch the official lyric video for "Luck" here:

Watch the official lyric video for "Wax & Gold" Here:

This is Bonham's first new album in over five years and was entirely funded by fans through Pledge Music. All recording was done in Woodstock, NY with Producer Kevin Salem (Yo La Tengo, Rachael Yamagata) and a talented group of friends (including Langhorne Slim as well as Amy Helm).

Lyrically Bonham admits that Wax & Gold is also her most personal work. Inspired entirely by her five year old son, and defining her own notion of family. On the experience Bonham relates "In-between the last album (2010's Masts Of Manhatta) and this one, my husband and I adopted a son. He comes from Ethiopia and the international adoption process was very long and arduous. These past years of meeting him, adopting him and settling into a parental role has been immensely fulfilling on a spiritual level. It's amazing to me how parents and children who come from opposite sides of the world can come together and their history, their culture becomes interwoven."

I wrote a song for this album called 'This Here's My Grandpa's Guitar' and it's about this Baritone Ukele he used to play from the 50's or 60's. It was a part of my memories of him and now it's in our house and so it's part of my son's life. It's a connection between this long-gone man from Oregon and this boy from Ethiopia and both of them very dear to my definition of family."

These metaphors and messages are referenced in the album's title as well. Wax & Gold being derived from a term used in Ethiopian literature and culture. A term meant to describe a way of telling stories that have two meanings, wax for the superficial meaning while the gold is the true meaning.

At the close of this year it will mark the 20th anniversary of Bonham's Gold-selling debut The Burdens Of Being Upright (Island Records). Initially pegged into the alterna-grrl category due to breakaway single, "Mother Mother" Bonham quickly dispelled that title with music that jumps from folk, blues, country and rock within a single album.

In addition to four previously released full-length and three EP's, Bonham has toured extensively as a vocalist/ violinist for The Blue Man Group during their live music arena tours, as well as featured vocalist on Aerosmith's Blues album entitled Honkin On Bobo, and a brief stint as violinist with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

Below is announced record release shows (thus far) and expect other special celebrations/performances to be announced shortly.


8/21 Eugene, OR @ CD World

8/28 New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 3)

8/29 Woodstock, NY @ Bearsville Theater (as Tracy Bonham and Friends)

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