"Anthony Ferraro is a member of Chaz Bundick's Toro Y Moi touring band, but he also fronts his own project called Astronauts, etc. Today the band shares "I Know," the first single from a fresh batch of recordings. Although Ferraro was at one point studying to become a classical musician at UC Berkeley — a career path derailed by arthritis — this track is a '70s-style soft-rock gem that taps into some of the same lite-funk vibes as Toro's recent work while maintaining its own particular flavor. That makes sense considering Bundick is the one who introduced Ferraro into the popular music scene in the first place. The groove on this one is strong despite the overall pillowy quality of the music. "Just hold me tight," Ferraro croons in falsetto before a smooth guitar solo enters to usher in the next verse." --Stereogum

Harriet Brown

Born in the air of paradise, Harriet Brown has descended from the heavens to join in on the wild rhythms of our Lady Earth. Come partake in his entry to this new world, and witness his paradisiacal sounds and sensual vibes. Synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, and brazen vocals are unified through the mind and body of one man, generating a sound in which the past becomes the future; Harriet Brown is creating a new kind of romantic funk. His journey has just begun, and he seeks to share himself with all who are willing to receive. So come and get freaky with your very own Harriet Brown. It's a New Era.

Baby Bry Bry

Baby Bry Bry is the exaggerated ego of a crooner from Long Beach, CA based in Washington, DC. Once backed by the “lounge-punk” outfit The Apologists, Baby Bry Bry is now just another sad white man with a guitar. Stylistically-schizophrenic but always melodramatic, BBB will release his debut LP "Who's Got Time For Feelings At A Time Like This?" someday soon.

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