We have all played in different bands over the years, and we have all been friends over the years, and we hope to bring back old fans, and we hope to gain new fans......
Each of us has our own influences, and we bring it to the table by mixing up our sound.. Too many great bands to mention here influenced us over the years...


Codec is a band that makes music that is at once dangerous and beautiful, that channels the future through the past to compress and make sense of life and death. Their work deciphers the immense data of our uncertain existence and presents it on a soul level.

it's always sunny in tijuana

We are a lively bunch of Mexican jumping beans.

As Nations Rage

As Nations Rage is modern melodic metal. Drummer Andy Serrano brings dynamic rhythm complimented by the chestpounding lows of Eddie Eifler's bass lines. Jon Richards and Jarrold Jaquez look to push the envelope of songwriting with their melodic riffs with everchanging rhythms. The vocals of Cory Berthiaume bring it all together with his vocal range, control, and edgy tone.

We are always writing new music and looking to take it to the next level. Check out our page often for new recordings and show announcements. We always love to hear feedback from our fans about suggestions or what you want to hear more of. Don't be shy!

Silence Fades

Silence Fades is a progressive metal band coming out of the woodwork in Fort Collins, CO. With influences from all genres, we create a truly unique sound within the metal world. From the soft sounds of Darkstar, to the all out brutality that is Aftershot, Silence Fades obliges to everyone's listening pleasure. With a monster presence on stage and a sounds that will have you bringing a jar to catch your face in, Silence Fades is a sound that you will want to fill you ears with, again and again. Silence Fades is a 5 piece with a variable age range which comes together with different tastes and ideas. Together for only eight months, we have put out a plethora of tight and well put together music. We have played a handful of shows around the NoCo area with great response. All the members of Silence Fades have been in different groups before so the experience is very prevalent. We take our music very seriously so that people who listen can fall into it as much as we are.



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