Roughhausen aka Jeff Stoddard started out playing guitar in local punk rock bands in British Columbia Canada and then relocated to Vancouver. It was there that he met up with and eventually formed the band WILL with Rhys Fulber, Chris Peterson and John McRae. WILL, released two full length albums on the London based label Third Mind Records.
During his stint in Vancouver Stoddard was asked by legendary EBM powerhouse Front Line Assembly to play guitar on their seminal L.P, “Caustic Grip”. That album spawned the world wide EBM club classic "Provision" and firmly cemented his place in the lexicon of electronic music. Stoddard then moved on to work at Skinny Puppy’s Subconsciuos studio for 4 years. While there he wrote and recorded the first Decree Album with Chris Peterson, did numerous remixes and production jobs and studied the art of production by playing assistant to the likes of Rave and Ken Hiwatt Marshall... all the while sharpening his skills and refining his craft. The ROUGHHAUSEN project was born out of a series of late night, drug soaked, sonic atrocities against man and God in the bowels of the Subconscious Studios complexe. Those sessions eventually became the material found on the First ROUGHHAUSEN release, "Defenestrated", that album was a grinding screaming descent into sonic and subjective hell. Addiction, madness, withdrawal and death marred the next few years and it was during this time that the ROUGHHAUSEN ethos was focused and refined to what it eventually became... a sarcastic, sleazy, belligerent assault, driven by beats and fuelled by piss and vinegar... Electro Industrial Punk Rock.


Ivan Muñoz aka Vigilante is one of the most important industrial artist in South America. With his
mix of electronic and metal have been able to conquer the most important audiences of Chile and the
Currently he have released 2 albums "The Heroes Code" (2005) and "War of Ideas" (2007), 1
EP "Juicio Final" (2006) and one DVD + CD "Life is a Battlefield" in countries so diverse as
Germany, Russia, Argentina and Japan, and also are distributed both physically and digitally throughout
the world. With his 5 European tours they have shown their music in many countries: Germany,
Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Spain,
In addition, in 2006 and 2010 he achieved to be the only Chilean musician to participate in one of the
world's biggest festivals in Germany, known as Wave Gotik Treffen and in 2008 were the support
band of Nine Inch Nails in Chile.
His work have taken him to collaborate and share the stage with the most important bands of the scene,
such as: Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Suicide Commando, S.I.T.D., Die Krupps, VNV
Nation, Funker Vogt, Leaether Strip, Agonoize, Soman, Hocico, Birmingham 6, Hanin Elias, Tyske
Ludder, Clan of Xymox, Siva Six, The Dreamside, Dope Stars Inc., XP8, XPQ-21, etc.
Today Vigilante is promoting what will be his 4th Album called "The New Resistance" with guest
artists from bands like Ministry, Public Enemy, Clawfinger, Leaether Strip, Strapping Young Lad, Hanin
Elias, Funker Vogt, Birmingham 6 and more and also preparing a new tour for USA and Europe.

Souless Affection

Souless Affection is here for one purpose. To be a voice for those that have had none, or had it taken away. We are the raped, abused, neglected, picked on, shunned, shadowed, we are all that you have chosen to cast out. You have chosen to make our lives hell - Now we will show you the hell you have created through our eyes. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD OF BRUTALITY, AN EXISTENCE OF ENDLESS SUFFERING!!!!!!!!! Formed in 2008 by complete chance Chains (Xavier) and Wraith (TJ) created Souless Affection as a way for Wraith to vent a lifetime of abuse, rape, molestation, neglect, and torment at the hands of his father. Needing an outlet before the torture ripped him apart inside out. With that drive. they wrote, composed and recorded and 8 song demo "Broken Dreams" in 3 months. The demo was immediate and straight forward. It has and continues to draw DJ's from around the world to use its songs in their live sets. The back breaking music created by Chains and voice of Wraith is ripping apart dance floors across the world. In late 2008 Souless Affection added a new member [EYE] to help incorporate his knowledge of movies, horror and dark atmosphere to the music genre. Helping add depth to an already vicious song line up with samples that set the mood and send chills up your spine. It is this attention that gained notice from the German compilation "Extreme Sündenfall" wanting to add "Missing" to their Vol.8 compilation. This compilation has brought Souless Affection massive notoriety among hardcore EBM and Industrial fans. "Epidemic" the full length debut album from Souless Affection promises to be unlike anything you have ever heard. This is an album that will grab you by the throat and slam you onto the floor.


Diverje was started by Tommy T, front-man of DSBP Records, in 1996. The band started as a metal/industrial hybrid and has mutated since to create a powerful Industrial/electronic hybrid unlike those currently found in the popular music circuit. In the Studio, Tommy T creates the many layers of Industrial and electronic rhythms and melodies, as well as providing vocals, programming and production for Diverje’s many releases. On the stage, Diverje is brought to life by brian botkiller (Stand up electronic drums/ Live Programming), Chris Cannon (guitars), and Krissy Straub (bass). Diverje aims to provide one of the most energetic and entertaining live performances of Industrial music seen on a stage, and delivers on all fronts, having shared the stage with Chemlab, Skinny Puppy, Armageddon Dildos, Imperative Reaction, Hocico, and many other staples of the Industrial and Electronic music world.

Diverje has many releases to its name, including the 2002 release “On Skin”, which was met with great acclaim by the Industrial community, featuring a wealth of dance and harsh industrial tracks to get dance floors moving in songs such as the titular track “On Skin” and the opening “Regret”. The next album, “2:40AM”, features a number of remixes from “On Skin” by some of Industrial’s most well-known acts, including Razed In Black. 2003’s “Amphibian” explores some of the darker and more ambient textures of Industrial as a concept album built around industrial frogs (indeed!). Songs such as “Stronger” and “In2thetrap” explore political and emotionally charged lyrics and sounds unlike that of many Industrial records.

2005 saw the release of “The Distortion Chamber Vol. I", a harder and more aggressive album with more guitar and electro-industrial anthems, and even more conviction and anger. The album definitely brought DIVERJE back into the top tier of underground bands doing live and studio work and with one of the most energetic shows in the land.

In 2007, the band released “Stitched", with 11 brand new tracks with more aggressive electro/industrial, EBM with powerful rhythms and anthemic/harsh vocals. This album has a more matured feel, and more of a live sound incorporated in the energy of each track. There are some gems on this album such as "Smell the blood", "Stitched" and “Evil One”, and a lot of sounds for those looking for something to get their blood moving.

What’s in the future for Diverje? Having solidified themselves as a staple in the Underground Industrial scene, Diverje will continue to release more powerful music, and provide a great live show to back it up. 2010 will see new CD releases, more live shows, and above all, growth. Diverje is about doing what no one else is doing, and doing it well. Catch a live show and see why Diverje is the best at what they do.


TORSO is the new body for the Goth-Industrial music scene.
Their music is a mix of (Industrial Dark Wave Deep Beat Dance Metal). The band was founded by AMEN adding ARKHAM, ROMEO and SIC. Torso has performed at several major events, including Halloween night at The Church 2004-2006, Colorado Dark Arts Festival 2005, Vampire's Ball 2005 and many other local shows. In the tradition of their roots their live productions consist of Audio/Visual presentations and have been described as "Pure Sexual Aggression.
Torso is a must see production in the musical fashion of Skinny Puppy, NIN, and F.L.A.

$12 - $15


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