The Dreadnoughts

The Dreadnoughts got started in 2006 at a pub spitting distance from Main & Hastings... so it's only fitting that we put on a weekend of music near where it all began to celebrate our 10-year anniversary!

TWO nights, TWO shows, that is all you need to know. It will be an amalgamation of our past 10 years of choreography perfected at The Rickshaw, Pub 340, Media Club, Buffalo Club, Marine Club, Anza Club, Balmoral, Wise Hall, Pats Pub, Funkies, Sweatshop etc ....

Stay tuned for more announcements as in traditional Dreadnoughsts fashion, we are still working out the details.

Join us for one evening only or COMMIT to two days of mayhem.

Skimmity Hitchers

Denizens of Dorset, Weirdos of the West Country, we are the Skimmity Hitchers...

A band of brothers, blaggers and badgers, we loaded up our Skimmity wagon in the spring of 2010 and took to the road. We now roam the B-roads and back alleys of the West Country, playing old-fashioned Scrumpy & Western live music with a modern edge. In pubs, festivals, parties and cider sheds you will find us singing our songs, with a smile on our face and a wink in our eye...

Everyone is welcome to join the Skimmity Hitchers party, to dance and laugh and sing along. But be prepared for much sauciness, banter and barracking too, for 'tis all part of the show... Some call it folk. Some call it punk. Others call it cabaret. Some simply call us a bunch of cidered-up chancers. We are all of this and more, come and see for yourselves to be sure...

A Total Disappointment

The Generators

The origin of Los Angeles’ influential punk band The Generators dates back to 1997, just a few miles from the skyscrapers of downtown. In the early days, the band hung out and wrote music in an old vacant pizza oven factory, churning out their first batch of songs, which echoed the sentiments of the 1977 Punk spirit. They quickly got attention from the owners of the infamous Triple X Records, who were known best for their 1980’s roster that included Social Distortion, The Vandals, GBH and Jane’s Addiction. Without haste, the indie punk label put The Generators into the recording studio where they produced their first album ironically titled Welcome To The End.

Now, almost eighteen years since the days of making punk songs in the old pizza oven factory, The Generators still carry on strong. In 2014, the band will release their tenth full-length album titled Life Gives-Life Takes on their new record label Randale Records. They’ll also be showcased on the main stage at Punk rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV and are already confirmed for large festivals dates and a tour throughout Europe this summer.

Uptown Riot

"formed in 2007 ... 3 piece punk rock from East Vancouver. We are lousy, rowdy and very aroused. With our latest full length release "Light Up The Jockstraps" we will be touring USA and Europe in 2011. Members are: Paymon - Conrad and Toothless Dave We've shared the stage with: Subhumans, Dayglo Abortions, UK SUBS, The Briggs, Death Sentance, SNFU, The Dreadnoughts, Mad Sin, Angry Samoans, Total Chaos, Left Alone, Class War Kids, Rebel Spell ... If you don't like us ... turn it up louder or tell someone who cares. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE "

Obscene Being

4 buds playing fast, loud, cheese pizza in yo face punk rock. Listen to our demo and book us anytime any place!


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