Transfer tickets with ease.
Trust tickets you receive.

How the magic works...


    Send a ticket
    to your buddy.

    Transfer a ticket securely through Ticketfly and make their day.


    Your buddy accepts.

    They'll get an email to accept via their Ticketfly account.


    You get notified.
    Your buddy gets a ticket.

    Once they accept, the ticket you sent is no longer valid in your order, and your buddy gets emailed a ticket with a fresh barcode.


    You're all set.

    Your buddy has their ticket, and you get an email with any remaining tickets. Now go have fun!


    Accept your tickets.

    Look out for an email from Ticketfly Events to accept tickets from your buddy.


    Get your tickets.

    Once you've accepted, peep your inbox for a confirmation with legit Ticketfly tickets with new barcodes (or will call info).


    You're in.

    No more handoffs, no more box office fuss, and no more tears. Day made!