This charming story of an adventurous space cadet and her guardian robot touches on the relationship between technology and isolation. The use of etchboards have given Koala’s trademark pathos-drenched tales of love and loneliness a whole new depth and beauty.

A "quiet time" immersive headphone concert experience. The audience sits in inflatable space pods, listens through individual headphone systems as Kid Koala brings the Space Cadet score to life on a piano and several turntables, accompanied by live light installations and stencil/shadow shows drawn from the book. Part music, part storytelling, the show is suitable for all ages.

Prior to the Space Cadet concert, come explore the Space Cadet Gallery. It's fully equipped with story-related Sculpture installations, interactive Music Consoles, soundtrack cassette jukeboxes and original artwork from the book.

Kid Koala will bring his Space Cadet Headphone Concert, to Brooklyn's Irondale Center in Fort Greene on April 3 and 4, playing his latest album whilst the audience lies on individual inflatable ‘space pods’, equipped with their own set of headphones.

$25.00 - $30.00


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