DDFW Master of the Mic

After a series of 12 events spanning 3 North Texas Cities- Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth- DDFW Master of the Mic has its top 6 finalists who are ready to compete December 12th at Trees in Deep Ellum. Mark Spits and Madame Mims will represent Fort Worth, Pudge Brewer and Ritchy Flo representing Denton, and Alsace Carcione and T. Lindsey will represent Dallas with hosts T-Wrex, Mikey Burns and Tony Snow, DJ Snoopi handling the decks.

The celebrity judges who have been confirmed are none other than Dallas natives Dorrough Music and the Neo-Soul Queen herself, Erykah Badu. The six artists will perform in front of the celebrity judges as well as specially invited guests ranging from media personalities, music executives and seasoned artists and promoters throughout the area.

The winner will receive the following:
-Guaranteed spot in Oaktopia & 35 Denton in 2016
-A few pressing of shirts in whatever logo/design you’d like by SPACE HEADZ CLOTHING and The Alexa Machine Company - Design & Screen Printing Studio
-Interview on KNON with DJ Ez Eddie D
-Coverage on Grass Root Salute Radio Show, Sofakingnews, KNTU FM 88.1 The One, The Vini Vegas Show and Rob C Tha Damn Fool
-50 stickers with your design/logo from Awready
-Featured story in Real Rad Records Winter Quarterly magazine as well as a feature on the Real Rad Winter Collection Album
-Free Hour Consultation from CManns Management, LLC
-Coverage by many photographers including Tuna Pryorr Photography and Photobooth Dollar
-Studio Time at Green Audio Productions
-500 flyers and 20 posters from B&B Commercial Printing
-500 Business cards w/ full color front and back by Amplus Agency
- other fun stuff courtesy of Virtuoso Tattoo Krew, Down N Durty, Mother Earther, Mz Bossy and Monocle, Inc.

Alsace Carcione

Alsace Carcione is not your average female emcee. Easily dominating a genre of music that is male driven and showcased, the female emcee lets her work ethic speak for itself. Alsace is not to be placed in a box or category, the emcee flawlessly drifts between alternative, soul, hip hop, pop, and R&B without making the listener uncomfortable or that she is in too deep. Alsace rocks the stage with the star qualities of a rock star with the humility of the saint. The emcee has opened for Snow Tha Product, Slum Village, De La Soul, King Los, and the list continues on. Her lyrics set the tone for her critically acclaimed album Embryonic Paradigm, which was a soulful declaration that the emcee had now arrived. A songwriter, a trumpeter, and a true wordsmith at heart, the artist called Alsace Carcione never disappoints. Her shows leave you wanting more, her videos draw the viewer in to play the video on multiple occasions and her music leaves the listener with what many call an extreme eargasm. Alsace stands tall as a LGBT artist that is firm on her beliefs without being apologetic for who and what she is. Without music, Alsace Carcione would not exist, but with music, Alsace Carcione is fulfilling her purpose with each and every single line that is composed and written. She is truly a RAW talent.

Madame Mims

A DJ & Music Artist from Florida, Madame Mims has been in the Dallas scene for a few years. With an overall respect of the arts, she continues to exercise her talent in not only DJing, Singing & Emceeing, but also as an Actress.

She has a well-rounded & animated style of music. Some describe it as "hip hop meets electro-soul".

Her newest single is Can't I Wake Up? from her upcoming release Parasomnias.

Parasomnias is a 3 part project, the 1st of which is set to release in the summer.

Mark Spits

Mark Spits born Cory Mark Petersen in Minneapolis, MN also spent a very brief time Virginia, but has lived most of his life in the great state of Texas. He has resided in Austin, Arlington, Fort Worth & Denton where he graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor's degree in Radio, Television & Film. Upon graduation he interned and was an original member of the 97.9 The Beat & 94.5 K-Soul promotions, programming & production departments, as well as, holding down the ON-AIR slot from 2-6AM Friday & Saturday late nights as "Boy-1der". He's worked alongside Headkrack, Keynote & Travii (of the Bodega Brovas), as well as, other entertainment & radio legends like Tom Joyner, Russ Parr, Marie Kelly, Gary With Da Tea, Big Tex, Big Bink, Big Papy, Rocsi Diaz, Veda Loca, DJ Smoove & many others...
Spits has been deeply entrenched in the DDFW hip-hop scene for about a decade. As a founding member of the group SAGE (as mc2), he & fellow group member phatB, along with the 360 Degreez Aborigineez crew, vowed to keep traditional hip-hop alive & well in North Texas.
The dynamics have changed over the years, but Mark Spits is still bringing that classic, vintage, authentic hip-hop straight from the heart. He has worked with some of DFW's finest artists, MC's, beatmakers, DJ's, producers, directors & promotors, as well as, many well-respected nationally known acts. Along with his core collaborators/beatmakers
(BOZ, phatB, Suspence & Earbuckets), Spits & his crew the Lonestar Fleet continue the promise to deliver real hip-hop music to the DDFW metroplex. Peace, Love & Hip-Hop...-MarkSpits.com
*Spits' entire catalogue can be streamed & downloaded for FREE @- https://markspits.bandcamp.com/music

Ritchy Flo

Coming from a family shared with 4 other siblings, Ritchy Flo is an attention seeking mystique driven artist pushed by his father to be actively involved with music. Not a man of many words, Ritchy Flo wanted to show others how it’s done by expressing his potential among the scene through time and dedication. Coming up at the prime of his teenage youth, Ritchy found assistance through the use of a 4 track player for making beats and from there the journey began. Ritchy Flo peaks the precipice and tops the tipping point with his approach to music colliding such qualities as creative, compulsive, and impulsive. Ritchy Flo is a magician with the mic as his wand.

Pudge Brewer

Pudge has been a part of the DFW Music Scene since he was a teenager. He cofounded the Denton hip hop super group "Fab Deuce" and started performing in 2005. This guy is very dedicated to his craft and has an in depth catalog, releasing 1-2 albums a year for the past decade. Still in his 20s, Pudge has made a name for himself as an mc, producer, audio engineer, videographer and dj. You can tell that he has a genuine attachment to his art and is always looking to create something. Outside of Fab Deuce, Pudge has a collaboration project with Ritchy Flo called "Side Effects" and also produces/records often with local hip hop artist Wild Bill. Pudge has a smooth delivery with a high pitch vocal tone and raps over sample heavy instrumentals. It is apparent that when he sits down to make music it isn't to follow the latest trend or to be the next big cool famous artist guy, it is simply to make the kind of music that he enjoys and wants to hear. Pudge will never be the one to tell you the things he's accomplished or shine the light on himself, but if you do your research you will find the man has been very active over the years and has played a huge role in developing the Denton hip hop scene to what it is today. Pudge has plenty of solo music to be released in the near future, along with new music with his Fab Deuce family that consists of Ernie McCrackin, Frank Ponecall and Dj Spinn Mo. Pudge has been one of my favorite Texas artists for quite some time now so quit being such a weirdo and check him out already.

T Lindsey

Terrence Terrell Lindsey, a “true emcee” from Milwaukee, WI born May 13, 1991 derives his inspiration from the greats of multiple genres such as Hip Hop, R & B, Soul & Jazz. With his prolific rapping style, versatile sound and diverse lyrics he plans to completely modify the airwaves of the nation and capture the attention of those who share his same genuine love, creativity and passion for music.

$16.00 - $75.00


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