Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, Rival Sons evoke the bluesy rock of bands like Led Zeppelin and the Black Crowes. Formed in 2008, the quartet of Scott Holiday (guitar), Robin Everhart (bass), Mike Miley (drums), and Jay Buchanan (vocals) captures that massively huge, guitar-driven classic rock sound, with rock-solid drumming and a riff-oriented approach to songwriting backing up Buchanan’s soaring vocals. Shortly after forming, the band self-released its debut, Before the Fire, in 2009. The quartet got some exposure when its song "Tell Me Something" was used in an ad campaign for Indy car racing, and the following year they opened for some high-profile acts, including hard rock legends Alice Cooper and AC/DC. That same year, Rival Sons made the unlikely jump to extreme metal label Earache, who signed the band after coming across their music online.

Pressure & Time
In 2011, the band released its follow-up album (and first physical release), Pressure & Time, which went on to be voted Classic Rock magazine's number two album of the year. They were also invited by Amy Lee to tour the U.S. with her band Evanescence. They stuck with the classic rock riffs and blues-influenced sound on their third record, Head Down, which was released in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim and was a modest hit in numerous territories; its greatest success was in Scandinavia where it hit the Top 20 in three countries, including a number six chart position in Sweden. Rival Sons toured heavily in support of the album, playing the Download Festival and supporting big names like Kiss and Sammy Hagar.

Great Western Valkyrie
Everhart left the band in late 2013 due to the rigors of touring and was replaced by Dave Beste. Their fourth full-length, Great Western Valkyrie, was recorded in early 2014 in Nashville, with Dave Cobb once again producing. It was issued in June.

Mount Holly

MOUNT HOLLY is a blues based rock n roll band from Southern California.

The group, including singer Jameson Burt, guitarist Nick Perri, bassist Deanna Passarella, and drummer John Bach, have received praise from influential publications around the world, including The UK's Classic Rock Magazine.

The band are working on their full-length debut, slated for release in early 2016.
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