Focus Group LIVE! with Lisa Levy

Focus Group LIVE! with Lisa Levy

Focus Group LIVE!

In this ridiculous show, combining theater, comedy and marketing, Lisa Levy, (aka Dr.Lisa) has assembled a diverse panel of experts and will be moderating as well.

Finally, the technique that ad agencies use to psych out what consumers really want and market to them is available to artists!
What are focus groups? A form of qualitative research that is used most often in product marketing and marketing research.
Let’s say that you are thinking of introducing a new product to the marketplace. You either invented something brand new or made a change to an existing product and you want to get some feedback on the product before you invest a great deal of time and money manufacturing it.

A focus group is a great option for you to introduce the product and get feedback from several people at one time.

Besides her career in art and performing, Lisa has had over 20 years of experience as an advertising art director and had seen focus groups from both sides of the one-way mirror. In her new show, Lisa will moderate a focus group of creative experts, along with the audience to parse what "consumers" think about the work presented, so the artist can direct their creativity and maybe even their lives more productively.

Audience members are invited to bring whatever they wish and get honest feedback by our focus group of experts and audience/consumers. The most loved item presented gets the grand prize. (a VALUABLE surprise!)


Suggested items for Focus Group Consultation:
• Artwork/Creative Product Either a single work or a comparison of 2-3 (which is better)
Artwork can be a painting, song, writing, comedy, sculpture, industrial design etc.
• Food or Drink. Bring enough for our 4 panelists, either single or comparison consultations
• Relationships. Tell us about a dilemma or bring your partner/date and get feedback on you as a couple
• Clothing, Hair, Makeup. Bring photographs or show in person. We can give you our opinion on what suits you best.
• Surprise Us! Bring something to show that we haven't thought of-there's a prize y'know!

Esteemed Focus Groupers!
• Ken Johnson: Art Critic, New York Times
• Sean J. McCarney: Faculty Member, Bruce High Quality Foundation
• Julio Torres: Comedian, Just For Laughs Festival 2015/new faces
• Dallas Athent: Fashion & Beauty Editor, Luna Luna Magazine, Bushwick Daily

Check out an interview Brooklyn Magazine conducted with Dr. Lisa Levy:

Julio Torres

Julio Torres is a Brooklyn-based comedian who moved to NYC from El Salvador to study literature at the New School. He has since parlayed his short story and play writing into stand-up, most recently making him a Comedy Central Comic to Watch and part of the StandUp NBC College Tour. Julio performs at venues big and small including UCB, The Annoyance, StandupNY, Carolines (which he's headlined)and Ars Nova, where he debuted his solo show "Julio Torres: Space Prince." Julio and friend Joe Rumrill co-host "Fresh Perspectives," a popular monthly comedy show in Williamsburg. Julio also writes and performs sketches with creative partner Lena Einbinder.



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