Halloween 2015 Kickoff w/ Zen Highway

Zen Highway is a road from Old to New, from East to West. It is a highway that takes you from the limits of your everyday mind to the transcendent reaches of imagination. When you travel this road, you'll hear echoes from the past mingling with newer sounds. Timeless songs and tireless themes, delivered with passion and intensity by people who feel the music deeply.

Zen Highway is a band from Lexington, Ky featuring long-time Lexington guitarist, songwriter, singer and harmonica player Troy Jamison, vocalist and lyricist Candace Lovejoy, bassist/multi-instrumentalist, Eric Snyder, and percussionist Donte Montgomery.

Zen Highway's live show features a wildly diverse blend of some of the best songs in contemporary music, ranging from the 60s and 70s (a stunning rendition of "White Rabbit", sung by Candace, comes to mind, or "Comfortably Numb", with blistering David Gilmore guitar solos), to 90s favorites from grunge and alternative greats (STP, Nirvana, REM), with standards from Tom Petty and CCR, and eclectic picks from Tom Waits and the Violent Femmes all mixed in. Zen Highway is not a one-trick pony.

Balancing out this unique repertiore are the innovative original songs by Troy Jamison. Though new in their age, and fresh in their approach, these songs feel as though they could've been been written in the same era from which their inspiration is drawn. Backed perfectly by the stellar playing of Eric and Donte, and the sublime vocals of Candace, it's these songs that leave a lasting impression on the audience, and bring them back again and again.

Zen Highway is ready to travel where few have ventured to roam. Let's get going...



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