Teen Mom

Chris Kelly birthed the fuzz-pop skeleton of Teen Mom at university in Dublin amidst the strong influences of loneliness and Seinfeld reruns. He never talks about his experiences in Ireland.

Tom MacWright and Sean Dalby met at college in Virginia and formed both a series of bands as well as a 'hired gun' rhythm section, which has been the secret sauce behind every successful Washington, DC area band since. They met Chris Kelly when he crashed their July 4th party, and eventually learned about his music project, but never anything about his time in Ireland.

Eventually the skeletons became songs and the group became a band. They have been owning the DC music scene as of March 2011. The recordings also grew, producing an EP and several singles-in-waiting.

Sean is currently on the market.

EDIT: sean is currently NOT on the market. and omar, who also went to school with sean and tom, is playing bass for the moms.

It's sometimes easy to forget, but the rickety roller coaster of self-awareness can be fun as hell, especially if your friends are screaming alongside.

BRNDA - a serious band from Washington, DC with pop and post punk tendencies a la Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, New Order and Parquet Courts - has an uncanny knack for smiling in the face of real issues, including rampant overpopulation, the right to choose and the sliding spectrum of human sexuality. If you're going to obsess over the shit that gets you down, might as well put it over a dance beat, intertwine guitar melodies and throw in a few jokes about what it's like to sleep with Jesus Christ.

Go Cozy

Go Cozy is a jangle-pop 5 piece outfit based out of DC and the alias for the music of Homero M. Salazar and Maria Sage. The two met in Silver Spring, Maryland the summer of 2009 a little after Sage graduated from high-school and Salazar moved to the area. Two years after, in August of 2011, "Glimmer" was uploaded to Bandcamp along with a series of subsequent singles also made available for free download. The music reflects the duos natural passion for extra-chiming guitar riffs and single string picking melodies that expand softly. This allows the breeziness of the vocal tone to create a soft platform for the apporpiate melodic sentiments that stimulate human nostalgia. The current live line up consists local DC music friends; Ryan Witt from Foozle. Andrew Bezila from Kitsune Rad, and Owen Sherrod from The Sherrod Brothers



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