The Queers

The Queers

We've been playing music and touring all over the world for almost 30 years now. We released a few records for Lookout! Records in the early 90s and then had a terrible stint with Hopeless in the late 90s. I don't think they wanna see us and we definitely don't wanna see them. Then we released one more record with Lookout! but afterwards switched to our favorite record label we've ever had, Asian Man Records. All this while touring a bunch. We'll see you soon, we're The Queers.

Top Shelf Lickers

There are punk bands and then there are punk bands. Then you have the Top Shelf Lickers, a band who retains the fun-loving spirit of punk without getting held down by it's three chord ceiling. A four-piece powerhouse from Chicago, they've brought their energy and hooks to countless Windy City staples. The band's spirit burns brightest on their latest EP "Heart Beats Brain!" recorded at Chicago's renowned Atlas Studios.

Mystery Actions

Four mysterious ladies from chicago that kill for rock n roll.

Bremer & The No Goods

Retirement Club

A bunch of old dudes playing old man punk rock!



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