Professor Phelyx

In a career that spans more than 30 years, Professor Phelyx has refined an act that’s made him one of the top Comedic Mentalist Magicians in the country! Having performed many thousands of shows since 1981, his mind-blowing act feels warm, genuine, and sincere.

"PHELYX is one of the GREAT magical characters of our era. His humor and charm are timeless!"
Jeff McBride, World Famous Magician

Professor Phelyx has been deemed a "Genuine Intuitive" by "psychics", "mediums", and by high-ranking members of the secret society known as the Freemasons (really). This unique talent isn’t hard to spot. It takes form in the way he accurately reads the minds of audience members and blows the minds of crowded theaters.
His style shows the clear imprint of the influence of vintage circus, Vaudeville and other bygone styles of live entertainment. Those influences come through in Phelyx's stage presence and showmanship; in fact, one of the most famous living magicians recently remarked that this character is what makes Professor Phelyx's entire act a highly desirable and unique one, even in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Entertainment Capitol of the World!.
Professor Phelyx's signature effect is bending stainless steel forks, spoons, keys, and coins in open air, completely surrounded by audience members standing less than two feet away. The effect has remained a mystery for more than a decade, and it continues to draw hundreds of emails from fans and magicians alike. They offer money and favors for the secret of the act, but Phelyx hasn’t budged.

R. L. Cole

Robert Louis Cole is a veteran of the stage, having performed both nationally and internationally with A. Tom Collins (Greater Than Collective), El Sinfin (Rambler Records) and now as a power-house solo performer. His first EP, "The Long Darkness of the Night" was released independently in 2013, followed by the release of a full length Folk-Blues album, "Live from Cherryvale" in 2015.

His sound and style draw heavily from early American music; intertwining Delta blues and Appalachian folk with a dark Southern Gothic influence- "[t]he songwriter breathes a pained gravel tone into his bluesy twang, a lo-fi experience that recalls a little [Tom] Waits and Robert Johnson in places..." (French Davis, YellowScene Magazine).

While his recordings and songs have been featured on radio stations from Colorado to Alaska, in independent films, local broadcast television and commercials, his highly-compelling, from-the-hip-aggressive shows and performances leave crowds stunned. "[One] of the absolute greatest musicians that I have ever seen!" (Kyle Pogue, KRFC 88.9 FM). He is equally comfortable singing and playing in honky-tonks and dive bars, city museums and country festivals.

Robert has shared the stage with the likes of Alabama Shakes, Nathaniel Rateliff, Junior Brown, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Soul Man Sam, The SubDudes, MarchForth, Possessed by Paul James (Konrad Wert), Charlie Parr, Esme Patterson and Paper Bird, as well as many others.

For fans of Early American music, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits, Son House, 16 Horsepower, Slim Cessna, Hank III, The Handsome Family, Brown Bird, Delta Rae, Johnny Cash, J. Tillman.



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