The Latino Center of Art & Culture presents "La Pastorela de Sactown" - a new holiday musical for the kids and adults alike. Bring the family!

“La Pastorela de Sactown,” is a modern musical theatre reenactment of Mexico’s traditional Christmas pageant. Hilarious, satirical, poignant and romantic, it timelessly speaks to the times we live in.

The transformation of the shepherds from the traditional Pastorelas in Mexico into contemporary recognizable figures facing contemporary temptations makes the show instantly more relatable. The jokes and the morals of the story hit all the harder because the play takes place today in a place we know well.

The narration and dialogue in Spanish and English overlap in just the right amount so the audience is clear on the story. Exciting and funny songs, amplify the visual power of the show, which used low-tech magic to great effect.

Re​a​d this compelling testimonial from a New Yorker​ who was in the audience​--"A glowing "star" on a stick appeared here and there in the theater and made all the children watch and whisper. Lucifier and the Arch Angel fought their final battle on wooden horses that lifted them right up over the heads of the audience which made it feel too close for comfort in a good way - like the outcome of the fight really mattered and you couldn't look away because the Angel had to win because the fate of us all depended on it. This may sound like an exaggeration but it's true. At the end, when the undocumented family (Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus) came up on stage with the procession of actors and singers and other children, there were tears in my eyes. Why? Because the play really succeeded in making me feel that it is a sin - in the only sense of that word that I actually believe in - not to take care of other people, not to protect the weakest among us. "

$5.00 - $15.00


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