Fulton 55 and Renegade Rebels Presents:  Kung Fu Vampire

Kung Fu Vampire

Kung Fu Vampire is an American rapper from San Jose, California and the vocalist of the musical group of the same name. He has toured and/or performed with Redman and Method Man, E40, 2 Live Crew, Dresden Dolls, Thriving Ivory, Medina Lake, Fountains of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, Naughty By Nature, Bushwick Bill, Lyrics Born, Blackalicious, Tha Alkaholiks, Digital Underground, Mars, Esham, Violent Femmes, Kool Keith, Twiztid, KRS-One, Papa Roach, The Pharcyde, Del The Funky Homosapien, Potluck, Phenomenauts, Insolence, The Jacka, Mob Figgaz, Tech N9ne, Anybody Killa, AP9, Andre Nikatina, D12, King Gordy, Liquid Assassin, Hieroglyphics and more.

Kung Fu Vampire began breakdancing at the age of six, and taught himself how to rap and sing after a few conflicting bouts with drums and bass in school bands. At the age of ten his aunt and mother began taking him to see concerts such as Metallica, Testament, Fear Factory, Nine Inch Nails, The Cult and KFV even went to see The Who and Grateful Dead while in the womb. He formed a band, "Loc Style Psychedelix aka LSP" in 1991 with good friends The Huelsenkamps. In 1999, he adopted the name "Kung Fu Vampire" during a conversation in which he discussed the idea of a martial arts film featuring vampires. Concepts from an unpublished novel he wrote also formed the basis for the group's stage act and influenced some of the overall beliefs of the group and the artist himself. Some of these concepts include "The Yin and Yang of Fang" and having a genuine affliction for the blood of life and staying timeless.

In 2006, KFV performed at the movie release party for Saw III, as well as at The Playboy Mansion. Also in 2006, the group was voted as the "Best Local Band" by Metro Silicon Valley readers and again in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In 2010, Kung Fu Vampire was featured in Fangoria Magazine and is considered to be one of the fastest rising bands in the Horrororcore/Juggalo subculture and is considered to be the most succesful Independent artist to ever come out of San Jose, CA. Also in 2010 The Vampire joined forces with one of Alternative Hip Hop's more prominent Labels *Mad Insanity Records ran by the most controversial artist in the world "Mars". Due to that new found affiliation KFV found himself in the spotlight and on the news representing and defending "Horrorcore" after some recent murders that are allegedly linked to minds of the killers/fans of the genre.

Kung Fu Vampire performs a style of music fusing Lyrical Hip Hop, Goth, Horrorcore, Glitch Hop and Hardcore Rap. Kung Fu Vampire referred to this style as "Gothic Hip Hop" and "Goth Hop", but later learned that it was also similar to the pre-existing style Horrorcore (with the exception of KFV's implementation of live instruments). Kung Fu Vampire has collaborated with Eddie Gale, Cougnut, Mars, Z Man, Kid Crusher, Mastamind of Natas, Poe Whoesaine, Dem Hoodstars, Platinum Recording artist Spice 1 and has been compared to The Gravediggaz, Tech N9ne, Necro, Outkast, Del The Funky Homosapien, Bone Thugs and more...

In April of 2010 Kung Fu Vampire returned home after a 2 month tour with Twiztid of Psychopathic Records (the label formed by Insane Clown Posse) and Potluck of Suburban Noize. His new Re-Release of Dead Sexy is being promoted across the globe alongside the brand new video "iCount" which was written and produced by Kung Fu Vampire and directed by John Kim. Dead Sexy features the hit song "Dead Girl's Don't Say No" which is featured on major motion picture "Mother's Day" set to hit movie theaters worldwide in mid-late 2010. Dead Sexy has sold over 4,000 copies Independently and is still going strong.

Shortly after the Slaughterhouse Tour with Twiztd, Kung Fu Vampire was asked to headline his own tour by the promoters and fans across America. KFV answered back by going on the road and headlining the Dead 4 Life Tour with Cohorts Mars and Liquid Assassin(most famous for his affiliation with Strange Music and his guest appearance on Psycho Bitch 2 by Tech N9ne as well as being one half of the group signed to Strange "Grave Plott"). This tour hit 15 cities across the US including A prime stage slot of Friday The 13th (August 2010 @ 1am on The Freak Show Stage)) at The Gathering Of The Juggalos. This event attracts 15,000 fans annually and features artists such as Gwar, Slipknot, Tech N9ne, Method Man and Redman, ICP, Lil Kim, Tom Greene and many many more wonderful acts. This is one of the highest honors in the world of Hip Hop and Horrorcore and for Kung Fu Vampire. KFV will be down with the Juggalos and The Family and put them before any other fans til the casket drops.

Currently Kung Fu Vampire's in the studio right now recording music for the up and coming album "Love Bites" featuring songs like "Hot Zombie", "Hunger Pains", "1 Family" and "Knockturnal" and features some of the most respected underground Hip Hop artists of today. Other projects in the works include a music video for the song "Dead Girls Don't Say No" a Behind the Scenes tour DVD as well as a collaborative project featuring unreleased and never before heard verses from Kung Fu Vampire and friends.

The current line up in Kung Fu Vampire includes Jeremy Pollett on Bass, Count on Keyboards/Vocals and Chris Paxton on Drums. Members at large include Mars on Vocals, Rum and Rape, Razz on Violin and Deborah on Vocals. Please check out www.kungfuvampire.com and don't forget to log onto youtube.com and peep out our new music video for the song "Grinder".


Michael Martinez (born March 7th, 1991) better known by his stage name as Kalioner, is a rapper, actor, cinematographer, and photographer. Beginning with recording music in June 2011, he has advanced beyond what most are able to become within such a short amount of time. With his older brother Adolfo Encizo Jr. supporting his dream, he was able to construct a studio within the confines of the pool house. Using his knowledge of music through schooling and studying a vast amount of artists and producers, he quickly built a studio that many different artists would soon come to call, not only a work space, but a home. Attending college courses and reading up on cinematography, it was only a matter of time until he purchased his own high grade camera equipment and began to film videos and take professional photos for anyone interested. Essentially the leader of the group behind his older brother, Kalioner has risen among the many artists in the region with his vast skill-set and is fully capable of providing top quality work at an affordable and highly competitive price range. For more details, contact him directly at:


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