Joy Chadwell

Hearing Joy Chadwell's music is like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation with God. It's a dialogue that began when she first performed as a soloist at the age of 7 at her elementary school. She was hooked. In middle school, Joy taught herself to read music and play piano. She performed in numerous choirs from middle school through college, even winning a performing arts grant from Xavier University. Shortly after recommitting herself to Christ in college, Joy began to write music. The songs were based on her conversations with God and His responses. While participating in her church choir and praise team, she began to recognize a greater call. She served as an interim choir director and played for local church festivals, feeling that her ministry would expand, but unsure how it would happen. After few years, she placed the music on the backburner to focus on her professional life in the mental health field. Unexpectedly, an audition for an international talent search dropped into her lap. God decided it was time for a new challenge. She travels throughout the Greater Cincinnati-Tri-State area sharing her passionate music about the greatness of God.

Elizabeth Delaney

Elizabeth has been singing from the time she was a child and has learned to accompany herself on both the acoustic guitar and keyboard along the way. She considers her voice to be her primary instrument and enjoys singing the most over the other instruments. Her vision for the music with which God has entrusted to her includes a heart for mission work and desire to share in song that expands beyond the border of America, yet also includes participating in mission outreaches as close as her hometown’s inner city.

Elizabeth is also a published freelance writer and has written many Christian articles, as well as a bit of Christian flash fiction. She has enjoyed growing in this craft from the time she was a teen, but didn’t become serious about it until she became an adult. Her professional credits span over a decade and include a great deal of variety.

Elizabeth’s hobbies include hiking, reading, and long road trips.

Steps Of The Just

Stephen Lambert and Justin Jones. Ordinary guys but when it comes to expressing the love of God through song there are few like them. They started singing with friends back in 1998 and performed in the Best of the Best talent show coming third place. Since then several other individuals have sought to make a group, but just not the right fit. In 2008 they put their heads together in prayer and the Lord delivered. They sought to make a gospel album to show what they were capable of. The result is The Distance of Love, a labor of love born a will to glorify God. To search for an answer to the question... What is the Distance of Love?

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