Phase IV  LIve Score with  Morricone Youth

Phase IV LIve Score with Morricone Youth

After a mysterious cosmic event, strange structures and patterns begin to appear in the desert. When scientists begin to investigate their origin, they're shocked to learn that they are the work of super intelligent ants. The ants appear to be trying to communicate with us...and they're not happy about all those magnifying glass experiments and geodesic domes!

Phase IV is the first and only film directed by acclaimed title sequence designer and Oscar winner Saul Bass which stars Nigel Davenport (Chariots of Fire, The Island of Dr. Moreau) and Michael Murphy (Manhattan, Nashville) as scientists who have traveled to the small desert town of Paradise City to research the most recent occurrences of odd ant behavior. The community, once occupied with golf courses and county clubs, has become a barren landscape, as a gathering of ants has driven the town s population to abandon their homes. In their place, the bugs have constructed an impressive number of towering monoliths, which strike upward toward the hot desert sky.

This screening features a live original score composed and performed by Morricone Youth.

Directed by Saul Bass
Starring Michael Murphy, Nigel Davenport, Lynne Frederick
84 minutes


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