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8 Cody Houston
845 Lost Coast
940 Moonbeau
1035 Camp Sugar
1130 The Grove
1230 Straw Boss

Revival Room
830 Wonky Tonk
930 Joshua Black Wilkins
1030 The Nothing
1130 The Agoraphobes
1230 The Loveless

815 Queen City Silver Stars
915 Lee Rolfes
1015 Wilder
1115 Mark Utley and Bulletville
1215 Frontier Folk Nebraska

Frontier Folk Nebraska

“Frontier Folk Nebraska believes in the continuing relevance of a classic‐era kind of alt‐rock that flirts with occasional messiness in order to let its organically electric sound come together without too much art‐think or conceptualism. Faith is put in the music’s energy as the right conduit to showcase interesting songwriting… Neither from Nebraska nor a folk group, Frontier Folk Nebraska is instead a Cincinnati band that sounds like the Replacements attacking power pop with their thrashing guitar‐and‐drum energy kept in check by their love for melody and appealing song structure.”

Mad Anthony has been detonating their brand of loud, Garage/Punk Rock since 2007. “So what does Mad Anthony play exactly? From its volume and breakneck vigor, it’s Punk, pure and simple, but there is so much more at work here. Vocalist/guitarist Ringo Jones is like Iggy Pop channeling the spirit of Mississippi John Hurt in a Dead Boys tribute, screaming until the veins in his neck stand out like bridge cable under his skin. When Jones and guitarist/vocalist Adam Flaig start trading riffs, there’s a galloping rhythm that suggests Dave Alvin in his seminal Blasters days with a live power line down his trousers. And the rhythm section of power bassist Dave Markey and new drummer Marc Sherlock is thunder personified… If you see the name Mad Anthony on a telephone pole, get the information and get there. It will change you.”

Storytellers from Greater Cincinnati with distinct, Kentucky swagger. Kelly Thomas, Randy Steffen, Zach Rowe, Kevin Hogle, Chris Alley, John Schmidt.

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound

"Already a peer/fan favorite, McKinley and the Lonesome Sound are guaranteed to attract a wealth of new listeners with their official debut album, which will likely inspire plenty of end-of-year love as well." - Brian Baker, CityBeat

The Warsaw Falcons formed in 1982, playing rockabilly and alt country. This band spanned over 20 years both locally and regionally, utilizing over 40 of the area’s finest musicians, playing with Bo Diddly, The Drifters, Big Joe Duskin and Bobby Keys and opening for acts such as Joan Jet and Marshall Crenshaw. Many fans will remember the “Big Bill Pickle” incarnation of the band, which was formed to play jump blues rock and swing and won the 2000 Cincinnati Cammy Award in that category.

The band reunited in November of 2014 as a 3 piece with David Rhodes Brown, John Scmidt and Doug Wagonner and exhude the same energy as they did in the 1980's.

Harlot is a project stemmed from a long lasting friendship and creative inspiration. Our music is best described as heartfelt, melodic, and driven by simple instrumentation with complex vocal harmonies. We take inspiration from many things and write our songs about all that we encounter. With Banjo, guitar, and a little bit of mandolin we strive to create a sense of a well rounded genuine sound.

Pete Dressman & The S.U.N.

A permanent fixture in today’s Cincinnati music scene, Pete Dressman grew up across the Ohio River in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. A self-taught musician and songwriter, Pete has honed his guitar and harmonica skills playing weekly gigs in his hometown and beyond. Opening up for bands like Big Head Todd and the Monsters and The Steve Miller Band at one of Cincinnati’s hottest summer venues, PNC Pavilion, along with touring with G. Love and Special Sauce, Pete’s diversity is clearly evident. His musical inspirations are varied and Pete has developed his own style and sound that can be described as acoustic alternative with just the right touch of blues and rock. His ability to create original songs that resonate with his audiences, have led to his strong and loyal fan-base. Pete’s genuine, down-to-earth nature comes through in his song-writing and he plans to continue doing what he loves most – writing and performing music from his soul.

Ben Knight and The Welldiggers

Ben Knight plays American music. Kentucky Country music. A noble homage to generations of toil and progress. He and his band the Welldiggers bring new and original tunes that catch your attention with equal parts nostalgia and intrigue.

“To me, it’s all about the live show. I think that’s what drew me to music in the first place — the electricity in the room at a really good live show,” Knight says. “While a live show is a place to showcase musicianship and performing, I think an album is the place to showcase songwriting — being able to appreciate the lyrical content, how the words are arranged, the cadence. The biggest thing for me, after it’s done, after I’ve written it, is whether or not I give a shit about the people I’m talking about in the song — whether they’re characters or whether they’re myself.”

These are the songs of blue-collar workers, hard-luck cases and folks for whom being called a ne'er-do-well would be a step up the social ladder. Everything that's neat and tidy here gets scuffed up; every sentimental note meets a conflicted lyric or dissonant chord; every soothsayer gets a busted lip.

Mark Utley and Bulletville

"As country as Country once was, bypassing the focus group-tested formula spoon fed to today’s commercial masses and served straight up. These songs are meant to be heard amidst both neon bar room glow and a barren moonlit road." - Bucket Full of Nails

MARK UTLEY & BULLETVILLE performs straight-up Country music in the classic style. Originally formed as an offshoot of Magnolia Mountain, the band has now come into its own as a powerhouse live and studio outfit. The band features MM's Mark Utley, Jeff Vanover, and Todd Drake, joined by bassist Chris Douglas, world-renowned keyboardist Ricky Nye and award-winning pedal steel guitarist John Lang. Bulletville plays a combination of Mark's acclaimed original songs augmented by a great selection of classic Country covers by the likes of Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Gram Parsons, and more.

The band made its live debut in November 2012, and has since become a fixture in the greater Cincinnati area. They were nominated for a 2015 Cincinnati Entertainment Award in the Country category, and have performed recently at the Buckle Up Music Festival, MidPoint Music Festival, American Roots Concert Series on Fountain Square (three years running), and Bobby Mackey's Music World, and anchor their own monthly first-Sunday residency at Northside Tavern. Check the GIGS page for upcoming Bulletville shows, and be sure to "Like" the Bulletville Facebook Page for even more current updates.

Bulletville serves as the backing band for both Mark Utley's Four Chords and a Lie album (released in 2013) and the brand new album Bulletville, recorded at Ultrasuede Studio with the Afghan Whigs' John Curley producing. Both albums are available on vinyl LP, compact disc, and digital download on the This is American Music record label.

"This is true Country music. The hooks and melodies lure listeners in, allowing Utley’s lyrics to sink their teeth into them. Influences from Country music’s past litter the songs as Utley and company deliver a classic sound that never gets old. Country music is at a crossroads where over-produced pop melodies and hiphop-inspired vocals have over taken the industry, threatening to choke out any semblance of the classic sounds. Thankfully, there are bands like Bulletville that understand that good Country music is about substance not style, and this band is full of substance." - Chris Martin, Atlanta Music Examiner

Dead Man String Band

Strait from 6 feet under comes Dead Man String Band! A one man rock sideshow from Cincinnati, OH. This isn't the one man acts of the past you've seen before, instead it is a full on rock show with an arsenal of amps, drums, and a style that's truly unique to the Dead Man giving it the fan made genre of Appalachian/Delta Punk. Since it's creation Dead Man String Band has been wowing and captivating audiences with not only an amazing sonic display but a visual show made to grab the listeners eyes, as well as their ears. With a stage setup that has been referred to as "Looking at a science experiment" Dead Man String Band has created a sound all his own that will surely grab your attention.

Taking DIY to a whole new level is a phrase commonly used to describe DMSB's sound, presentation, theatrics, and energy. From being brought out on stage in a coffin, to simply slumping towards the stage stiffly, throwing the audience off, until the first notes hit and by that time their stuck to their spot on the floor. Brining crowd members on stage and making them play his drums is just another thing that makes this act unique. Crowd participation isn't just encouraged, it's almost forced to an almost comic like degree. The presentation is another captivating aspect. Dawning a mask fabricated from the same folks that brought you GWAR's props, when he walks on stage you know you're in for a crazy night. Finally the music styling isn't something most are accustomed to seeing. The hands are playing in the stylings of Doc Watson but the amps are in the tone of Slayer and then add the fact that he's playing a drum set at his feet. Don't let the low number of members fool you. This is a band as much as any other.

March 21st, 2015 marked the release of Dead Man's debut album "I" which was widely accepted with much anticipation. And that's where we're finding ourselves today. With a new album out and a promising horizon, the Dead Man String Band plans on becoming a force to be reckoned with!

Jared Schaedle

Jared Schaedle writes and performs "country" music for those who are not content with the modern style. It is a diverse mix of classic honky tonk country, rock-a-billy, blues, bluegrass, swing, folk, and rock. Currently based in the Southern Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana region, Jared has performed with a number of backing bands and continues to perform with a variety of highly talented musicians. In the past 3 years he has released 2 EP's with 2 bands (Lonesome Jared and the Heart Attacks, Jared Schaedle and The Compound Fractures) and several demos. A full length album is in the works and expected to be released in late 2015.

Jared Schaedle (born 7/3/87) started writing and performing music at an early age. Since age 13, he has written over 100 songs, released numerous EP's and demos, and has fronted 5 bands. His early days of performing were spent in a punk band called The Dregs. As time went, he reverted back to the country and "roots" style, branching out into blues and swing, all the while still maintaining that rough edge rock influence. In recent years, his last two bands (Lonesome Jared and the Heart Attacks, Jared Schaedle and the Compound Fractures) have played all over the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Region, and has steadily been making a name for himself. Jared aims to not only keep traditional sounds of the past alive, but to do so with a high energy and attitude that can also appeal to the younger crowd. He writes and performs music for just about everyone of all ages and backgrounds.

Doctor Bombay and The Atomic Bachelor Pad

Underground espionage team Dr. Bombay has been summoned from the past to save today's hepcats and kittens from the perils of being lame and unhip. From their underground lair The Atomic Bachelor Pad, our heroes wield an auditory assualt of reverb-filled sounds, combining twangy surfin' guitar with dirty electric organ. The Doctors have concocted a sonic sensation unlike any other! And if that wasn't enough, Dr. Bombay has teamed up with go-go Sensations The Cocktail Kittens to further tantalize your eyes and ears! Get hip to the jive baby, and don't be square - check out Dr. Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad today!

Daniel In Stereo

In the project's existence, Daniel's debut e.p entitled, "4 Years E.P" has landed him an opening spot for bands like House of Heroes, SmashMouth, as well as back to back festival spots( 2014 and 2015) at Bunbury Festival (Cincinnati,Ohio) , one of USA Today's "Best Summer Music Festivals"(2014) and Forbes "10 Summer Music Festivals Worth Knowing"(2014), Paper City Music Festival (Chillicothe,Ohio) as well 4 dates on the 2015 Camplified Tour Roster. The lead single "Son Be Careful" from the release has found its way onto playlists for Cincinnati radio stations, Project 106.3 and WNKU 89.7.

Since the 2014 release of the "4 Years E.P", Daniel has released a summer single "Lipstain" which you can listen to at The single has been described by CityBeat's Mike Breen as a joyous swirl of 80s synths, groovy guitar and ear-worm melodies.

Sweet Ray Laurel

The Very Beginning

Sweet Ray Laurel began its formation in 2002, when bassist Kenny Potter confronted his friend and guitarist Eric "La Bohem" Boehmker at a Halloween party that Kenny's then band Jon E Law was playing that night. Knowing that his band would not continue much further, Kenny asked Eric if he would like to put together a new band. Within a week , they had started playing together and trying to find other musicians to complete the fold. After trying out a handful of singers and guitarists, they came across Jims, front man of the previously disbanded local space-punk band Prick B. Mafia, in early 2003. They met for a few practices and found an immediate chemistry.
They started writing songs as a 3-piece acoustic act with Kenny on bass, Jims on vocals and electric guitar, and Eric on acoustic. They played one show at Cincy Punk Fest '03 with this line-up, feeling incomplete without drums. After trying out a couple drummers, Jims suggested his childhood friend Dane Dickmann with whom he had played many shows while Dane was in the late local pop-punk band Uncle Pervey. The moment that he walked into Sweet Ray's practice space, they started playing and the intensity that the band was looking for was no longer a search. That day, Eric put down his acoustic guitar and started his new venture into the quick moving and effect driven blues leads that he would from then on be known for while he was in the band.


After writing a few new songs and taking songs from the former set list, they then started playing everywhere around the Cincinnati area. Their sound was constantly evolving from the beginning. Songs like "A Nomad at Home" (featured on the Bluegrass Disaster compilation) and "Jimmy's Song" showed influences that ranged from Neil Young to Bob Marley. They then stepped it up a notch when they wrote "Look Alive", "The Halo Effect", and "Radio Down" (featured on Sexy Killer Records Compilation '05 & Split EP with Silver Bridge Disaster) which showcased the band's new found explosive and passionate post-punk sound that would heat you up and cool you down a dozen times within a sometimes 7-minute experience. This is the sound that would dominate their setlists while playing every place in Cincy they could find and traveling around the midwest from '04-'08. During this time SRL was compiling random recordings for their (still unreleased) EP "Distance The Light". With their sound still evolving with more eclectic tastes ranging from aggressive soul to reggae, ska , and world music progressions, while also experimenting with different kinds of flowing harmonies, they found their EP to be an inconsistent mix of songs that would not truly capture the essence of their live show.

Addition and Subtraction

Around summer of 2008 SRL recruited longtime friend and gifted musician Matt "Mattchu" Grone to join them on keyboards and synth and take their sound into a more spacey direction and new level of intensity. The band then made a unanimous decision to record and produce a full album themselves that would project their new style in a more organized fashion than the previous effort. After completing the rest of their shows for the year, they got to work.
During the recording sessions in late 2009, Eric decided to leave the band due to creative differences. This made the band have to refocus their ambitions and start anew. They immediately decided Mattchu would take over lead guitar while still playing keyboards, sometimes literally at the same time. The band then set off to finish the album and embrace their new 4-piece lineup.

The Self Titled CD

After taking a break from playing out to rejuvenate the band's new form, Sweet Ray Laurel released their self titled album and began setting up shows to promote the release. The album features old favorites in a different form like "Freight Train" and "Radio Down", plus new songs such as "Gone" and "More" that accentuate their love for progressive time signatures and multi-layered orchestrations. Their first show back was their annual Halloween party "Dress up and Dance" on Oct 31st, 2010.
After that show, SRL toured heavily along the East Coast, hitting up cities like Columbus, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, Dayton, Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York City. Releases from the CD were picked up and played on radio stations and podcasts across the country, and around the world. As their US and international fan base expanded, the band began writing new music.

And Now...

During the recording of their new EP, Matt was transferred to Boston, MA. During this time, SRL was lucky to pick up Dave Catton, a very talented guitar player who had played in other bands with Jims in the past. Dave started working with the band to fill in the sound. In February of 2013, Dave was added as a permanent member. The band continues to grow and reach new audiences each day! With the release of their new EP, Tabula Rasa, available now, Sweet Ray Laurel will show fans the culmination of years of honing their sound to what is now a very eclectic and original mix of the best rock has to offer.
Sweet Ray Laurel is an adventurous band with surprises around every corner and live shows that will unite any crowd of any background. Stay tuned to see what happens next...........

The G. Burton Story

From Cincinnati U.S.A.
Makes a living as a live musician-performer-songwriter.
Influenced by The Great American Songbook
dealing with love and loss,
honesty and deception. He writes songs and makes records
and tries to be a good man.
Homegrown front porch pop...

$10.00 - $12.00


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