Man Overboard- "Defend Atlantic City"

Man Overboard

Consider pop punk defended. Man Overboard, the four-piece outfit out of New Jersey, have made a statement with their debut full length Real Talk that is much harder, faster, and louder than a catchy, often-quoted band mantra. While the band's previous material has been extremely enjoyable, climbing to the most coveted parts of my iTunes play counts, their latest offering is their first real spoonful of pop punk. Dual vocalists Zac Eiestenstein and Nik Bruzzese are more aggressive on Real Talk, and their vocals are paced by dirtier-sounding guitars, contributing to a more punk-influenced style. As an overwhelming initial wave of support shows, I'm in the same boat of thinking as most Man Overboard fans when I welcome the new style. It's the exact direction I was hoping this band would take, and the direction that they needed to take to back up their mantra. It's safe to say that Man Overboard have not only defended the genre, but have exceeded all expectations in the process.

True Things

NJ pop-punk taking cues from Saves The Day and Lifetime (or maybe Title Fight) with the introspection of Brand New and subtle influences from American Nightmare and maybe Turning Point, or so they say.


Pop Punk from Harrisburg.


south nj.


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