Jim Jones

"Along with fellow Harlem-based player Cam'ron, Jim Jones founded the Diplomat label, home to the Diplomats/Dipset and many of that crew's prolific solo activities. Though more of a businessman and behind-the-scenes figure than an MC (he was also named a director of A&R at Warner Music Group in early 2005), Jones released solo albums in 2004 (On My Way to Church, which hit the Top 20 upon its August release) and 2005 (Diary of a Summer). The 2006 album Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) took him out of the background and into the spotlight thanks to the massive hit "We Fly High." The track made it to number five on the Billboard Hot 100, topped their Hot Rap Tracks chart, and was adopted by the New York Giants football team as their unofficial anthem. By the end of the year a remix of "We Fly High" landed on Jones' holiday album A Dipset Christmas. The album Harlem's American Gangster appeared in 2008, just as rumors of Jones' exit from Dipset began to spread. His other release that year, M.O.B.: The Album, introduced his Byrd Gang crew. In 2010, his “Salute” single featured a reunited Dipset, with both Cam'ron and Juelz Santana making guest appearances. The track landed on his Capo album a year later." - Andy Kellman, AllMusicGuide

Ninjasonik's music speaks for itself and while not defined to one genre it has the ability to perhaps be just punk, just hip-hop and just pop. Derived from the not-so subtle title "hipster-sonic", a comic reference to the lifestyle of Brooklyn's innovative DIY musicians, the name Ninjasonik reveals more of the group's vision and musical taste's than they suspect.

'Ninja', a covert agent skilled in infiltration and speedy assassination refers to the group's ability to skillfully override your initial perception of all things pop, punk and hip-hop. "Sonik" the exotic booming sound created by supersonic flight refers to the musical magnitude of Ninajasonik's stylistic approach to the punk and hip-hop inspirations of Slick Rick and the Sex Pistols. Together an amalgam of harsh, fast beats, lyrically laden flows and an attitude so Brooklyn and so defiant make Ninjasonik a flavorful insertion into music's clichéd recipe.

"Ha, Ha, Ha", with its punk beats and rap flows features Brooklyn based punk/electro pop band Team Robespierre and is saturated with such personality that the maniacal laughter which characterizes the hook doesn't distract. It is perfectly modern punk, catchy and definitively Ninjasonik. A PSA on safe sex, rapped over drum kit beats gives us the group's popular single "Somebody gon get pregnant," which, while modern in its melody and message, throws us back to the playful days of Sir-Mix-A-Lot. Finally, not one to disappoint, Ninjasonik can be seen flexing their versatile muscles – sans punk, with a hip-hop twist of 'Daylight,' a playful, infectious, Billboard-charting record by their old friends, dance-pop duo, 'Matt and Kim' '.

Telli, Jah-Jah and Roofeeo are the trio behind Ninjasonik's rebellious lifestyle. Jah-Jah, a DJ turned vocalist, shaped by New York's Bronx and Brooklyn boroughs, is the eclectic figure of the group. Using inspiration from skater lifestyle and the party scene, and musical inspiration from the political attributes of hardcore punk, he brings a multi-dimensional, non-superficial energy that fuses the group's mission to their music. He exudes a personality so diverse that it sees him gracing billboards in Japan and the cover of the influential street-style book – Street Boners.

Telli, a vocalist from birth, and the group's energy source is well versed in storytelling. He is a hip-hop raconteur with a personality that radiates into his music. For him, music is not simply a passion but an addiction. Though he's worked with many artists and independent labels in the past, he's found his niche in Ninjasonik where he promotes a message of "not selling yourself short" and doing "what you feel whenever you want". His flow, while reminiscent of early hip-hop is loud and carries the artistic weight of living and breathing present-day Brooklyn.

Ninjasonik are at the helm of a noisy cultural revolution and well on their way to becoming the voice for this new musical generation. They will as the group's front man, Telli, states, "change the face of music…forever." Ninjasonik's method of fusing the old, the new and the esoteric to energize, excite, and connect with their audiences sees them, not only solely producing music, but creating a lifestyle where everyone can claim the right to be who they are, wherever they are, for as long as they want. Where taking risks stimulates creativity, where creativity breeds innovation and where innovation effects change. This is the Ninjasonik formula.

Ninjasonik's mission is clear – non-conformity and rebellion is the origin of innovation.

Their music is definite: Be what you what, when you want, how you want….

Nyemiah Supreme

His sound is original & lyrics are meaningful. He raps with purpose and considers himself in the business of progressive Hip Hop. Witness any of his live performances and your faith in real music will undoubtedly be solidified. Harlem native, Skotch Davis is widely known for his innovative delivery and engaging stage presence. Skotch is a trailblazer who has carved his own niche in the Hip Hop scene by bubbling the underground and pushing the creative envelope beyond its traditional borders.

Skotch's impressive musical pedigree is the cornerstone of his talent. He credits his childhood, growing up in a household filled with the soulful sound of classic and contemporary R&B for providing him with the tools necessary to solidify a foundation as a true musician.

The early exposure to quality musicianship is what sets Skotch Davis apart from others who may fall into his lane. Witness Skotch rehearsing with his band and you will realize he has the "ear for the right sound", this coupled with genuine passion and love for music is what gives him the foundation to make longevity a reality.

Whether Skotch is performing with his organic self-directed live band, or rocking the crowd on track, Davis is continuously raising the bar and placing himself in a position to become a household name worldwide.


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