Electric Citizen

Electric Citizen

Witchy 70s metal from Cincinnati, Ohio described as a hauntingly beautiful combination of West Coast psych and dark, medieval folk.

Red Wizard

5 Disciples. 1 Sound. Hail Rock & Roll!

Sisters Ov The Blackmoon

"Answering the call of the four winds from distant valleys, deserts, and forests, Sisters Ov The Blackmoon was forged from the deepest roots of metal in the darkness of winter 2013. Converging from the corners to the cultural wasteland known as The City of Angels, this band of outlaws summons the immortal forces of rock with the enchanting vocals of Sasha Wheatcroft, Josh Alves' galloping percussion, and unholy riffs cast by Andrew Vega, Daniel Schlaich, and Jared Baxter. Using ancient knowledge, they adhere to a sacred pact, carrying their torch through the abysmal landscape of rock n roll. Join the coven."

$10.00 - $15.00


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