OOFJ, MUNA, Sahy Uhns

LA-based electronic duo OOFJ are elated to release their sophomore album Acute Feast (April 21 on Ring The Alarm Records).

The brainchild of real-life couple Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer, the LA-based electronic duo OOFJ met in New York City while Bjørnkjær was working on music for Lars Von Trier's Melancholia. This chance encounter developed into both a romantic and sonic chemistry that would eventually lead to the couple collaborating on music that formed the foundations of OOFJ.

OOFJ have garnered international recognition for Acute Feast after releasing four singles since June. Their follow up to 2013's Disco To Die To is wildly diverse while remaining true to their distinctive brand of eerie dream-like electro-pop infused with intense orchestral soundscapes. The record opens with orchestral strings paired with thick, foreboding basslines behind Mills-Rymer's darkly romantic vocals on "You're Always Good", which ends in a rhythmic explosion featuring the frenetic jungle-esque percussion played by Trentemøller's Jacob Hoyer. "I Forgive You" guides the listener into a sweeping, hauntingly lush track of duplicity that feels like a restrained underwater heartbreak while "Snakehips" radiates a sensual nostalgic aura. "Cliffdive" and "Sailor" veer away from pop into much more ambient, minimal odes.

Equal parts glamorous and nightmarish, with a glittery seductive tone to it, Acute Feast hints at the otherworldly, almost hyper-real world that OOFJ don't just reside in, but have orchestrated.

Katie Gavin (lead vocals/production), Josette Maskin (lead guitar), and Naomi McPherson (rhythm guitar/production), MUNA is a dark pop girl band based in Los Angeles, CA blending the brooding sensuality of R&B, rhythms of funk, and audacity of synthpop with raw, unbridled lyricism. MUNA is currently accumulating and slowly releasing a stockpile of sonic gems that lend themselves both to the dancefloor and to emo bedroom solitude. They hope you can put them to good use.

Sahy Uhns aka Carl Madison Burgin has been producing hip-hop and electronic music since his early teenage years, creating music using any strange sound he could find. The LA native draws inspiration from West Coast hip-hop culture and channels his musical energy into generating new and unique sounds – recording everywhere he travels. Sahy Uhns’ use of custom designed software, hardware, modified instruments and found sounds, contributes to his unique approach to composition and production. A compulsive music-maker, Sahy Uhns’ dedication and attention to detail are evident in the production of his studio tracks. His live performances brim with focused energy as he constantly engages the audience with live electronic drumming, scratching, and improvised audio manipulation through his custom-built computer interfaces. Sahy Uhns, with his demand for constant growth, continues to meld his study of synthesis with the influences of his audio/visual surroundings to create music that grows as he does.

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