Jessica Rollins

Jessica Rollins was raised in a very creative and music loving family. Growing up, melodies always resonated and creative projects flourished throughout her home. Her passion for singing continued to grow as she got involved in musical programs at church and school. Her passion for the visual arts grew as well when she began dabbling in set design for local drama departments.

At a young age, she developed an artistic skill visually as well as vocally. In high school she began growing a business clientele for commissioned artwork. From sketches to paintings, her work became well known and highly sought after in her home town and the surrounding communities. Visual art became an outlet for the creative artist within. It also satisfied the insaciable desire to help others better visualize their dreams and make them reality.

As a teenager, she was a member of several local independent bands. In her early twenties, Jessica began to see that songwriting was the perfect avenue to express herself, a way for her to share with others what she had always hidden so tightly inside. Jessica finds it much easier expressing her thoughts & feelings through song – “You can say almost anything in a song. Pretty melodies somehow smooth over the harsh edges of deep secret thoughts, making them easier to share with others.” Her music is real, with every lyric speaking of the raw & honest emotions that encompass all the seasons of life. Her lyrics also speak to truth, a truth that will not only sustain, but also strengthen the life of faith.

What Jessica has learned over the years has become her song, an anthem to encourage those around her that there is a reason for this journey called life.

Everything she creates, both music and art, is somehow laced with hope. Her deepest desire is for others to be encouraged when they recognize the driving force behind her voice and her paint brush: the existence of HOPE.

“I felt its pull, its draw...some of my favorite people live in Nashville and I thought maybe I could rub up against a few of ‘em if I move there..."

Just as he’d hoped, Lewis arrived in Nashville and made a fan in producer/musician/entrepreneur Matt Urmy following an open mic at The 5 Spot. Urmy helped corral such all-stars as famed guitarist Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives, Lana Del Rey, Ray Lamontagne) to back the young singer/songwriter’s first real session, “a bunch of insanely talented musicians that I’d never played with, that had never heard my music. I was a nervous wreck.”

Despite his understandable jitters, Lewis and his sidemen clicked from the jump, tracking six songs in just one day. He saved enough to record six more songs and in January 2011, a second session followed. Released in 2012, Sam Lewis received national acclaim, applauded by No Depression for “calling on the musical spirit of Leon Russell and maybe Al Green, after a weekend with Willie and Waylon in Dripping Springs, TX.”

With his compelling songs, stirring melodies, and preternaturally soulful voice, Sam Lewis has quickly established himself as one of Nashville’s most talented new tunesmiths. Waiting On You – his sophomore album via Brash Music and follow-up to 2012’s self-titled debut – reverberates with earnest emotion and restless energy, rich with the intimate lyricism of folk, country’s raw integrity, and a lived-in muscularity born of Lewis’ captivating vocal timbre. Songs like “3/4 Time” and the tender title track are intuitive and organic, the rollicking “Things Will Never Be The Same” groove-powered and irresistible. Produced by The Wood Brothers’ Oliver Wood (Tedeschi Trucks Band, Shemekia Copeland) and featuring a stellar supporting cast of Music City’s finest session musicians, Waiting On You reveals Sam Lewis to be an exceptionally gifted troubadour, forthright, genuine and completely his own.

Lewis sees himself as a link in a lineage, a continuum of truth-tellers and troubadours like Hank Williams, Fred Eaglesmith, and John Prine, singer/songwriters who utilized diverse elements of American music to create their own unique canons. Brimming with candid confidence and a determined artlessness, Waiting On You is a sure landmark on what has already been an extraordinary journey as well as a resonant signpost towards future triumphs.

He has cultivated his career and craft, performing in front of increasingly larger audiences while also wowing crowds with mostly solo acoustic shows from New York to Los Angeles and multiple tours of the United Kingdom to date.

"I’m just making friends, man,” Lewis says. “I’ve been really really lucky so far. I have people that believe in my material and I have songs that they think the world needs to hear.”

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Sacred City is comprised of Atlanta native siblings: Alyson and Phil Rogers. Bold, powerful, timeless, and a blistering swagger are words some have used to describe this sibling-duo's music. Alyson’s searing vocals combined with Phil’s driving guitar riffs create an explosion of rock, blues, and soul.

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