Indian Jewelry "Doing Easy" Advance Party!

Indian Jewelry

INDIAN JEWELRY was in fact, the first band who was ever asked back to play PTP a second time. If you've ever seen their seizure-inducing live show, you know why. Back in 2005, they were our Throbbing Gristle, our Cabaret Voltaire--or as close to what we thought we would ever get. (FYI: They were such an important band to Michael, that back in October of 2005 he decided for the first time he would actually make printed posters. The only thing was...he'd never done anything like that before. So off he went to the local Xerox shop with scissors and glue and a host of images and made the first ever PTP poster.) Now, they're coming back, armed with a dark and wondrous new LP to stun, paralyze and even deafen. What a way to celebrate another year.

Vockah Redu

Although the Magnolia Housing Projects have long been demolished, a light post still stands at the corner where youth like Vockah Redu (Javocca Davis) gathered to rap and create beats. The light post marks one of the birthplaces of Bounce music, a genre of rap specific to New Orleans that has invigorated crowds throughout the South. Vockah Redu and the Cru animate the stage with their dynamic revival of dance, music, and art from the street corner to the club. More than your typical hip-hop act, this theatrical performance sets the stage for a sweaty hands down booty up good time, transforming any party, bar, or dance floor in your neighborhood.

The original Cru formed in 1997 and was composed of the Ave Girls; Joi Jadah (Joi Denise Sessions), Teedy Booh (Tasha Marie Butler), Ninny (Shanita Davis), Grahonda Pooh (Madonna Melissa Oliver). Currently the Cru is com- posed of Shortee Whop (Glendell Weir), Energyzah (Clarence Mosley), and Taveion Rodeo (Donte Brown). The Cru dominates the stage with electrifying choreography, costumery, skits, and superb street style.

$7.00 - $10.00


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