Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall began songwriting and performing when he was 16 years old. He burst into the music scene with the song “Other Ways” which was featured on the Shrek the Third soundtrack. Hall’s captivating live performances and growing popularity have led to sold out tours across the country as well as touring with such artists as Steel Pulse, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Matisyahu, Michael Franti, Colbie Caillat and SOJA. In 2009, Hall released his Vanguard Records debut, which featured the single “Unity,” a song written and performed with longtime friend, Matisyahu. His follow up album Everything, Everytime, Everywhere debuted on iTunes Rock Chart at #3, iTunes Top Albums at #12 and #8 Amazon Movers & Shakers. The featured single “Brand New Day” was used as the music bed for the reformatted CBS This Morning Show. Hall’s Chapter of the Forest debuted at #3 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and #17 on the iTunes Overall Albums chart. His latest EP, Unpack Your Memories debuted at #3 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and also hit top 20 on the iTunes Top Albums chart.
Trevor Hall’s music is an eclectic mix of acoustic rock, reggae and Sanskrit chanting that echo with the names and teachings of divinities, while maintaining an incredibly and refreshingly universal message.

Will Evans has spent the last decade as the primary song writer and drummer/ front man for the roots rock outfit Barefoot Truth. Will recorded four full length albums and several EP's of his original music with the band. Their most recent release, "Carry Us On", debuted at #10 on the iTunes Rock Chart. With Barefoot Truth now on an extended hiatus, Will has opened a new chapter in his musical journey.

His first solo release landed him in Entertainment Weekly as being right on target in the "Bullseye Of The Week" and warranted a #4 spot on the Northeast Billboards. Will's entry into the Guitar Center sponsored "Search For The Next Great American Songwriter" also brought him national attention. Out of over 10,000 entrants, he was chosen as one of the nation's top ten finalists.

In his live performances, Will uses his impressive looping skills to combine his drumming background with his highly energized and entertaining acoustic style. When Will is on stage, the crowds always get to their feet and he always gets to their hearts. Will has shared the stage with many top artists including Crosby and Nash, Grace Potter, Bruce Hornsby, State Radio, Badfish and members of Dispatch.

Christina Holmes

When Christina Holmes walks through the door, she fills the room with positive energy, like a sunbeam cutting through the fog of an overcast day. Her presence makes people smile and, when she strums a guitar chord and starts singing, the smiles break into grins, cheers and enthusiastic applause. If you've never met her, or seen her perform, the title of her album, Peace Love and C. Holmes, may seem precious, but she was raised in a family that believed peace and love could heal the world, and she's determined to do that with her music.

"Some people thought calling the album Peace Love and C. Holmes was out there, but every song has a little bit of peace, a little bit of love and a whole lot of Christina Holmes in it," Christina explains. "When I write, it comes from my heart and portrays how I feel about the situations I'm going through. I have seen horrible things in my life and my music is a way to shine some light into those negative spaces, for both my audience and me."

The Take a Chance Mixtape will give listeners a good example of the elegant song craft they'll discover on her debut, melodies full of buoyant emotion, tempered by a realistic approach to life's difficulties. "Give A Little Bit More," a lilting, openhearted song, opens quietly with Christina's sprightly acoustic guitar and effervescent vocals. The funky, gospel-tinged chorus underlines the song's positive suggestion to "Give a little bit more, take a little bit less." The bright "Summer Fun" lives up to its name with a joyous blend of funk and reggae, with subtle Latin accents. It celebrates the power of music and summer sunshine to warm the soul and make the heart sing. A delirious cascade of popping bass and polyrhythmic percussion, with echoes of hip-hop, funk and New Orleans second line strut drive "Bring the People Together." The song has a cheerful upbeat vibe, with Christina delivering a buoyant, exuberant vocal. "I Will Remember" is a smooth, soulful R&B ballad, full of fond yearning for a loved one that will never return, while "Ignite My Flame" is a mellow, jazzy plea for peace, love and affection that shows off Christina's inviting mid range.

The songs on Take a Chance resonate with the peace, love, heartache, faith, confusion, sadness and uncontained happiness that fill Christina's soul. "Sometimes negative things happen in life," she says, "but I've learned that the most negative situations can have some of the most positive outcomes. That's what I want to share with my music. I was born to spread a message of peace and love to help make this world a better place."

Christina never doubted her musical destiny. She grew up in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ with parents who supported her musical ambitions. "When I was eight, my mom heard me singing in the shower and told me I had a good voice. My dad used to play his guitar and sing to me, so I started writing songs while I was still in grammar school. I asked for a guitar book and, when I found out my dad only knew two chords, I started teaching him new ones. It became a way to bond with him. I didn't know any songwriters, but when I learned about poetry in school, I'd come up with chords to go behind the poems I wrote. My family and friends were always supportive."

Christina's music was evolving quickly, but she was too self-conscious of herself to want to share it with anyone. She hid in her bedroom playing guitar and singing. "I would practice 24/7 and always dreamed of being a singer but I didn't have the confidence to share it with anyone, let alone the whole world. From middle school to the beginning of college, I struggled with my weight and body image. When I started performing, I finally realized nobody cared about my weight as much as I did."

After beginning college, Christina's dad began to suffer from many serious health issues. Watching him struggle made her realize the transitory nature of life. The songs she was writing began to take on deeper, more spiritual themes of redemption and deliverance. "My dad's illnesses made me value life even more. You never know what day will be your last."

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