Godhunter, Destroyer of Light, Immortal Bird

Scratching out a niche amongst the dusty, iron hard landscape of the desert isn't an easy enterprise, but Godhunter has continually warmed to work since their genesis in late 2009. While experiencing the growing pains common in being part of a band or music scene, this diverse group of musicians has learned that hard work, dedication, and belief in the music they write make all the difference. One can hear this quality in the Godhunter sound. Influenced just as much by Black Flag as Black Sabbath, Godhunter worships at the altar of the riff and creates a raw wall of sound that refuses to follow conventional patterns. With the release of "Wolves" in late 2011, Godhunter brought this fury to the wider world, sharing the stage with national luminaries such as St. Vitus, Crowbar, Red Fang, and The Sword. The band also embarked on numerous road dates during 2012, receiving accolades for "Wolves" in a variety of publications around the globe, from Metal Hammer to Hails & Horns magazine. Having accomplished these milestones, Godhunter is ready to take the next logical step. With 2013 just around the corner, the band will be setting out on an extensive winter tour all the way through March, before returning home to record their new album, entitled "City of Dust".

Destroyer of Light

Austin-based doom band, Destroyer of Light, formed in the beginning of 2012. Each member coming from different bands wanted create slow, heavy, riff-induced music and bring it to the masses. Gathering influences from a variety of different styles, each member brings their flavor to the table, and the music speaks for itself. Destroyer of Light is a 4-piece band consisting of Steve Colca on guitars/vocals, Keegan Kjeldsen on lead guitar, Mark Mars on bass, and Kelly "Penny" Turner on drums. As of now, a Self-Titled EP has been released for distribution digitally and soon vinyl providing 6 songs. With this release, they plan to tour, share, and promote the music in anyway possible. May the power of the riff compel you!

You wear your shield of crust, face creased with years of rust.

Debut EP, 'Akrasia', coming December 3, 2013.

Rae Amitay (Thrawsunblat) wanted a band of her own where she could step out from behind the kit and write some riffs, pen some lyrics, and scream some shit. With those dreams in tow, she enlisted the help of her best pal Evan Berry (Wilderun, Replacire) on guitar. They wrote a bunch of material. Then they rounded out their trio with John Picillo on bass (Without Waves) to lay down the low end. With Rae opting to handle the mic onstage (while tackling drums and vocals on their albums), she asked Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Kastasyde, Without Waves) to take on live drumming duties. And so, with personnel set in place, the band crafted four visceral, heavy, and sometimes disgusting tracks for their debut EP, 'Akrasia' -- recorded at Lo-Tech Laboratories by Jeff Ziolo, mixed by Kurt Ballou, and mastered by Brad Boatright. Coming December 2013.


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