Public Demands More Of Governor Of The Heart Of Texas

Kerrville, Texas — Yep, renowned raconteur and Governor Of The Heart Of Texas Kinky Friedman has been resurrected. And he’s hitting the road to prove it. The legendary outlaw country singer/songwriter, novelist and Texas Jewboy’s latest cd, The Loneliest Man I Ever Met (Avenue A Records/Thirty Tigers), mixing originals with interpretations of the music of his greatest contemporaries, is a hit. It has received rave reviews across the board, making it Kinky’s best and most popular release ever. Yes, the Kinkster has been resurrected.

The Resurrected Tour tour starts in mid-April and will continue to the middle of May. Kinky will be performing with his uber sideman, Joe Cirotti. Kinky’s cd producer, Brian Molnar will be opening the show. Kinkster’s long time pal, Brian Kanof, will be auctioning off bottles (first half of the tour only) of Man In Black Tequila (which is co-owned by Brian, Kinky and a third party) to benefit Kinky’s award-winning animal rescue group Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch.

Nobody could invent a character quite like Kinky Friedman, the stogie-waving, black-hat-wearing Texas Jewboy singer, storyteller, tequila purveyor, animal rescuer and full-time iconoclast.

But what he hadn’t done in 39 years was write brand new songs and record a new studio album around them. Friedman’s The Loneliest Man I Ever Met, has to have been one of the longest-awaited follow-ups in recent memory. Not that fans have complained; the continued popularity of tunes such as Sold American, Nashville Casualty and Life and Ride ’Em Jewboy (the Holocaust-referencing song that soothed Nelson Mandela in prison) prove Kinky is that rare talent whose work withstands the test of time. Friedman still delivers those songs — interspersed with his inimitable blend of politically incorrect quips, jokes and tales both tall and true — to appreciative audiences around the world.

And new chapters of Kinky’s fable life are just around the corner - literally. Coming soon from Backbeat Books will be Mary Lou Sullivan’s comprehensive Kinky bio (holy cow: 450+ pages!) and a brand new book by Kinky about Bob Dylan, which is not so much a biography as a group of “tales from the Bob.” To top it off, Kinky has nearly a dozen more brand new tunes for a follow up cd. There are simply more sentiments he needs to express — his own and those of what country music was all about, according to Kinky, before it came “homogenized and trivialized and sanitized.”
Railing against such perceived evils — whether cultural, political, social or in any other realm of human experience — is one of Friedman’s favorite pastimes, which is why he calls Warren Zevon’s My Shit’s Fucked Up possibly that album’s most important song. The late Zevon wrote it as a commentary on his own failing health, but Friedman finds it a perfect allegory for the current state of world affairs. As a man who has traveled much of the planet, quotes Winston Churchill, and calls two presidents pals, he’s in a position to know.

And on tour Kinky will be, traveling from village to village, perhaps proving the truth of resurrection itself, definitely railing against evil. Upon his return from the road, Kinky will dive into that next cd recording project. To be titled Zoey, it should be available in late 2017. “Maybe I’ll just have to stick with songwriting,” he says, stifling a sigh.

With each of Brian Molnar & the Naked Heart's last 3 albums peaking out over fixtures of their genre on radio play charts all around the country, it would not be surprising to have an overwhelming feeling of comfort and familiarity when experiencing their music for the first time. For nearly a decade Brian Molnar has been carrying his acoustic guitar and wrought melodies back and forth across the United States connecting audiences with a feeling of American tradition and unique thoughtfulness that has been too often diluted in recent memory. Now with a full supporting band behind him, sharing the stage with contemporaries such as Ralph Stanley, Chris Hillman, Bernie Worrell, Garth Hudson, and Neal Cassal, it seems that a genuine Americana resurgence is upon us, with each new Naked Hearts' release setting its tone.

Brian Molnar's newest release "Of the Fall" spent 4 weeks standing strong at #1 on the World Wide Roots 66 chart, and remains in the top 10 nearly 4 months after it’s release. The band's prior live record "Miss You" hit #7 on the Roots Music Report chart in NY, and #36 country-wide, while the band's previous studio work "Temperance & the Devil" peaked at #27 on AMA (Americana) chart, and #9 on the FAR radio chart in Europe and USA. With such a promising track record and constant live appearances by Molnar with and without the Naked Hearts, the sky is the limit, and makes Brian Molnar a name to remember in the coming years.

"...they continue to push the boundaries of Americana in sound and spirit beyond what has become an ossification too frequent in the form."
-Chris Spectre, Midwest Record, on "Of the Fall"

“The Naked Hearts play Roots Country with conviction… the band demonstrates a thorough understanding of what it takes to make authentic music.”
-Steven Stone Vintage Guitar Magazine on "Of the Fall"

"Treading the midnight highway dividing line between country and the Ash Grove, he evokes a turning point just before everything changed and too much got lost."
-Mark S. Tucker, Fame, on "Of the Fall"

"Just when you have had your fill of artists who can obtain a great studio-produced sound, but lack luster onstage (or downright "suck, live"), or in a parallel universe deliver showmanship and power in concert whilst never being able to focus and produce a decent studio record, here is a band that thankfully can capture both."
-Torchy Blaine, WDVR FM, on "Miss You"

"Molnar and The Naked Hearts show enough talent to suggest they can, and will I am sure, go on from here —since the core of the music (ever tastefully produced) and Molnar’s story-telling vocal style is compelling."
-Maurice Hope, Americana UK, on "Temperance.." - See more at:

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