They’re smart. They’re funny. They’re in a band. Wait, there’s more. Joywave are five hardened criminals from Rochester, NY, making conceptual, humorously self-aware indie pop that’s both meta and personal, retro and cutting edge, all-ages and sophisticated. To step inside a Joywave song is to lose yourself in a thoughtfully-curated, tech-savvy synthesis of emotions, genres and random noise, blended into an eminently danceable DIY sound smoothie. Add to that an energetic and seamless live performance (as Rolling Stonesaid of their 2014 Lollapalooza show, “Joywave brought the disco to the forest”) not to mention lead singer Daniel Armbruster’s unforgettable mustache, and the result is a buzz that won’t stop growing.The last 12 months have seen a flurry of activity for the quintet—they released the How Do You Feel?EP, played a packed SXSW showcase, opened for the Killers, made waves at Lollapalooza and toured the US, Europe and UK for the first time. They’ve already had two tracks hit #1 on Hype Machine, and their hotly-anticipated debut album, How Do You Feel Now? isscheduled for release April 21st.But things haven’t always been this up—Joywave’s is a post-recession survival story of creativity fueled by hopelessness. The five band members—vocalist Daniel Armbruster, guitarist Joseph Morinelli, bassist Sean Donnelly, keyboardist Benjamin Bailey, and drummerPaul Brenner—met at school in the economically-depressed blue collar town of Rochester, in western New York state. Daniel and Sean initially teamed up because “Sean had some software I wanted,” says Daniel, and the band went through various incarnations, including a joke band whose songs satirized contemporary pop hits. “Within a couple months of starting this fake band we did a showcase for a major label,” says Daniel. “We were like ‘guys, this is a joke, thank you for the pizza’.” The next endeavor was more traditional guitar rock. “We learned opposite things from those two bands,” says Sean. “Basically that the whole music industry is a giant shit storm, so we should do whatever makes us happy. That is what led to the genre-hopping and experimentation of our current sound.”Joywave as we now know it officially formed in January 2010, and they released their first mix tape in March 2011, 77777, which Daniel describes as “a space odyssey constructed around one cohesive fictional story.” It was followed by the “88888” mix tape, and their EP, Koda Vista. Joywave’s early releases enabled the band to explore which viewpoints and genres best suited Daniel’s voice, until they were finallyready to record their debut album, How Do You Feel Now?It’s a record that’s deeply personal to Armbruster, who never imagined that as an adult he’d still be living at his parents’ house and making music in the basement with the same friends he’d had since high school. “I still sleep in the same bed that I did when I was in seventh grade,” he says. “In seventh grade you think you know where life’s going to go and then you’re like ‘wow, I didn’t do anything yet,’ which is super disappointing and super eye opening too. So this album has been completely inspired by the idea of wasting away at home and watching your life fly by.” Signing with Hollywood Records in 2013 enabled them to get out of Daniel’s basement and rent their own studio, a free standing cottage in Rochester that resembles a “weird Soviet dentist’s office” whose plumbing stopped working during recording, and whose ceiling caved in. “When the plumbing went down for a couple weeks, part of the consequence of that was that we felt compelled to record ourselves peeing into milk cartons,” says Armbruster. The “whoosh of the pee stream” made it onto the beginning of one of the tracks. In fact, the entire album is a tapestry of field recordings and app-mutated sounds: noises from a Jet Blue flight, hallelujahs of a choir in Brooklyn, and samples from Fantasia, Peter Pan, and Bambi(Joywave is the first band Disney has allowed to sample its classic cartoons).

Mikaela Davis is an indie harpist/singer-songwriter from Rochester, New York, known for her amazing YouTube covers of Sufjan Stevens' "Casimir Pulaski Day," which has received over 115,000 hits, and her cover of Elliott Smith's "Twilight," which has received close to 40,000 hits. Mikaela tours solo or as a trio, where she is joined by Alex Coté on drums and percussion, and Cian McCarthy on guitar and sitar. To date, she has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with indie rock artists My Brightest Diamond, Jukebox the Ghost, Filligar, and Indians, and was recently invited to perform at the 2013 Lilac Festival.

In 2012, Mikaela recorded, mixed, and mastered her self-titled debut album at Red Booth Recordings with owner and audio engineer Brian Moore, who describes her as "harp and voice with an eclectic instrument mix whipped into a melancholy lo-fi sound; an intricate balance of fluttering vocal folds and fingers on strings that blend effortlessly." Recently, Mikaela released the single, "Feels Like Forever," in support of her summer touring and will be returning to the studio this fall to work on a new EP with Brian Moore.


KOPPS' live shows serve one purpose: to make you sweat. The Rochester duo, consisting of Patricia Patrón and Kyle O, have a penchant for 90's dance music, female dominance, and anything involving synthesizers. While 2012 marked the release of their debut EP, the duo has since released a new single and have appeared on Joywave's Hype Machine-topping single, "Tongues". KOPPS' high-energy live shows will have you on your feet, leaving you wanting more from the self-described crazy sexy creepy dance duo.

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