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Binary Code

It's the end of 2017 and Binary Code just wrapped up recording their next full-length album in October with Aaron Smith (Envisage Audio, Seattle, WA) at the helm for the instrumentation engineering, and 'Moonsblood' vocal producer John Douglass of Audiohammer notoriety.

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It’s very rare for a band in the New York/New Jersey scene to stand out among the
stiff competition, but standing out is exactly what Binary Code excels at. Formed in
2004 by guitarist Jesse Zuretti, Binary Code always emphasized originality,
musicianship and a mammoth live show.

Now, Binary Code has toured North America (Canada and the US) with Norway's finest prog metal outfit, Leprous, and has been packing houses at Saint Vitus, in Brooklyn, opening near sold-out shows with bands like Periphery, Textures, Haken, and many other
major bands — either wowing die-hard fans seeking the band out at every
opportunity, or converting completely new crowds.

Unlike many contemporary East-coast bands that largely identify as “djent”, Binary Code draws inspiration from the Swedish prog and post metal scene. But it’s not just about being inspired by Textures and Cult Of Luna that makes Binary Code unique. It’s the complex sense of groove, atmosphere, uncharacteristic song structures, and
vocalist Oded Weinstock’s signature croon that sets the band apart from anyone

'Moonsblood' was mixed by Eyal Levi (August Burns Red, Whitechapel, Monuments), and mastered by Alan Douches (Black Dahlia Murder, Converge, Mastodon) Moonsblood will boast dark, brooding, somber moments juxtaposed with high technicality and ferocious riffs. Do not sleep on this record! For fans of Textures, Cult Of Luna, Katatonia, Gojira, Tesseract, and Sikth


Angmar was formed in the summer of 2009 by Conor, Brian, and Tyler, former members of a failed project, Visigoth. After a long search, a bassist and drummer were found, temporarily completing the lineup.

Because of outside interests and conflicting schedules, the bassist and drummer parted ways with the band late in the summer and fall of 2010. Conor took over the spot of bassist as well as vocals, and the search for a new drummer began.

In December of 2010, Angmar recruited Adam as a drummer and played several shows in 2011, including one with Exhumed, Goatwhore, and Havok.

Adam left on friendly terms nearly a year after joining and Ryan joined to replace him.



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