Sometimes the feelings of loneliness and vitality arise together and coexist in complementary ways. Seoul are three young Montreal residents concerned with committing this subtle relationship to tape. Since the acclaimed release of their first single "Stay With Us" in July 2013, and "White Morning" in May 2014, Seoul have prepared to unveil their first completed full-length work. Blue, breathless, gentle, and absolute, I Become A Shade is the self-produced debut album from the ambient-pop outfit. 

In the world of this record, pop is not conceived as a genre but rather as a rare and elegant moment of convergence -- of sounds, of ideas, of taste, and of context. I Become A Shade unfolds as a densely nocturnal dream-ode to banality, isolation, sidelong glances, and rented rooms, focusing moods and textures into intuitive and compelling alignments. Despite its tendency to dwell on such feelings of anxiety and loneliness, the piece ultimately manages to transcend its land-locked desperateness, arriving briefly at ecstatic junctures of self-discovery and growth. All the while, the rain continues to fall.

Seoul has shared the stage with Tei Shi, Milky Chance, Lia Ices, TOPS, Local Natives, Gem Club, Fort Lean

Seoul's "Stay With us" in The Majestic Casual #2 curated by Disclosure:

$8.00 - $10.00


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