The Alternate Routes

This year has been a special one for The Alternate Routes. The chance to perform Nothing More, on Craig Ferguson, Good Day New York, for school districts in Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Florida, and many more; an opportunity to tour with Ingrid Michaelson, a successful Pledge Music Campaign, a summer tour with our good friends in Red wanting Blue, helping to promote the message of Newtown Kindness, Rock Boat Mayhem continued, and sweet features in NCIS and the Winter Olympic Games…. I hope it sounds like pride and not bragging, because we truly are proud. There are so many people, who have supported us throughout the years, and this core of people has come to resemble a family more than a fan base. We want to cap the year with our new friends and our old ones, in some modest, but extremely grateful way.

On December 12th we will be performing a very special Buncearoo Presents show at Catoctin Creek Distillery in Purcellville Virginia. There are only 50 tickets available for the show, and we are going to air the show live via podcast at the same time. The holidays are here, and for the first time we have recorded some music for the season we can’t wait to share. . For us the holidays meant anticipating a special meal and treats from the family kitchen, music was always playing, and we were surrounded by family and friends.

As we thought about a fun way to present the music, we thought “what would pair well with these tunes?” The question itself and the way we asked it, was the beginning of The Alternate Routes Supper Club. This year for the holidays you can purchase a hand-made, ”Holiday in a Box” package that includes our new holiday recordings, and the first solo album recorded by Tim. This is really about capturing memories and creating new ones by celebrating with family and friends, highlighting music and food. In addition to the music, we’ve included recipe cards and instructions for the Cadillac of all holiday meals. I’ve asked the most talented people I know, to pair the music with a really special meal, and we are offering them together so you can whistle while you work. The box is a gift in itself made from reclaimed wood by a local Virginia woodcrafter.

The show at the distillery is going to be stripped down and acoustic, and fun. The combination of the studio audience and the folks joining us online will be special and unprecedented. We are working on some special guests to drop in, a time to make requests, sing along, tell stories, and we will be performing all of our brand new holiday music.

The holidays are a very reflective time of year for all of us. The music, the food, and the company we keep, is part of the story of who we are. During the holidays this year, we’re going to take it up a notch, because life is short, but sweet for certain….and we can’t imagine sharing this with anyone other than you!

Bronze Radio Return

There are some records that manage to span multiple eras of time and various places, in essence creating a new sonic space. New Englanders Bronze Radio Return have done just that on their sophomore album, the gorgeous and varied SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!. Contained within the space between notes and breaths are thousands of miles, and decades of history.
The roots of this travelogue-time capsule -- and the band that made it -- can be traced back to lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson's childhood. Spending hours on end in his father's art studio, one of Henderson's clearest, dearest memories is the large bronze radio, and the joyful noises he learned of there. "When the band started, we were looking for our direction, to see what this was going to be," explains Henderson. "We came back to this idea of the return of the bronze radio, a return to some of those older, familiar sounds that all of us inherently grew up with." The result is a forward-thinking retrospective of the sounds we all love, curated and created by Henderson, Rob Griffith (drums/vocals), Bob Tanen (bass/vocals), Matt Warner (keys, vocals), Craig Struble (harmonica/guitar), and Patrick Fetkowitz (guitar).

Brian Jarvis

New England –based singer/songwriter Brian Jarvis releases
his first full length album in over 4 years. Due out in
February 2012 under the indie label Soundwave, “Beautifully
Broken” tackles a 2 year period of Brian’s life that included
losing his father to cancer, quitting his day job to pursue
music full time and personal struggles. “Beautifully Broken”
was recorded in New Haven, CT at Sunset Goose Studios (a
division of Soundwave), under the guidance of long time Pat
Mcgee Band guitarist-turned-producer Brian Fechino. The
record features a wide variety of melodic, hooky guitar driven
songs including one that was written within 24 hours of
Brian’s fathers sudden passing.
“The last two years have tested me emotionally and
spiritually. My goal when sitting down with Brian Fechino was
to create and record honest songs. This album is
transparent. I didn’t want the listener to feel as if I was
being vague about what I was trying to sing about.
I wrote “Beautifully Broken” at the height of my loss. It was
strange to write songs about so much of life’s struggles but
yet set it to melodies that felt so bright. As I dove into this
process I realized even with challenges of everyday lives
there is an underlying optimism that hangs over all of it. I
feel the themes will connect with the listeners and provide a
story for the listener to escape to.”

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