Dark Disco on The Roof | White Material: Galcher Lustwerk/ Young Male/ DJ Richard/ Morgan Louis/ Alvin Aronson

Galcher Lustwerk

Galcher Lustwerk's productions have made a big splash in the past year . An idiosyncratic deep house DJ and producer who habitually talks/raps over his sets in his own very unique way, the combination of musical content and originality of presentation have earned high critical regard and an increasingly rabid fan base. On a label not short of distinctive sounds, Galcher Lustwerk brings the all-important quality of deep mood and atmospheres that focuses their events so tightly.

Young Male

Young Male's label White Material has recently gotten Resident Advisor's best label of the month. We've been following White Material since over the summer and the releases White Material crew Galcher Lustwerk, DJ Richard and Young Male have been putting out are changing the acoustic landscape of Brooklyn, bringing the industrial feel of labels like Ostgut Ton to NYC after moving here from Providence, RI.

DJ Richard

DJ Richard made the shift to Berlin just as the label was taking off, and it's a move that has served him well as his Source Material nights, co-curated by Mo Probs, have become the talk of the underground there, and past guests have included Traxx, Ron Morelli, Hard Wax buyer Finn Johannsen, and others. Rooted equally in noise, techno, and an unashamed love for ghetto house, DJ Richard's sets are breathlessly hard, dirty affairs that have earned deservedly high marks and are sure to get almost any crowd riled up.

Morgan Louis

Although he was only the most recent to release music on White Material, Morgan Louis may be considered the godfather of White Material. Growing up in Rhode Island and participating in punk and hardcore bands, he was the person who united the rest of the crew in their love for house and techno, and without him none of it would probably have come together. A longtime DJ and producer, his sets are commonly 135+ bpm, fast, furious, and with a deep house edge. Louis is quietly a legendary underground DJ in New England, and his broad knowledge of dance music speaks for itself.

Alvin Aronson

The last before the infinite

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