Dodging Lions

Bryan Nebel & Friends

Bryan currently resides in Brooklyn. He gigs regularly around New York with his trio affectionately called "Dodging Lions". You can hear them in venues such as The Living Room, Banjo Jims, The Bitter End, Kenny's Castaways, Sidewalk Cafe, National Underground, Roots Cafe, Fifth Estate and others. Bryan is currently working on a full length album entitled "Lion Named Bryan", which is due for release this year.

Born into a musical family Bryan began studying guitar with a local nun at a very early age. After several years he set down his guitar to concentrate his talents on classical composition and percussion. This won him several awards and scholarships which allowed him to travel and perform in Europe and Scandinavia, making stops in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Italy. In his late teens Bryan spent a few years playing straight ahead jazz drums serving as a sideman, and fronting his own group "House Of Jade". By his early-twenties Bryan returned to his first love, the guitar, and has not looked back since. This love was rekindled while working with Massive Attack singer Stephanie Dosen, touring extensively in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. While working with bluesmen Matt Hendricks and Brew City Junior, Bryan began to develop and craft his guitar playing style, which became defined by the blues stylings he was immersed in while performing with the two. Upon relocating to New York City, Bryan began focusing heavily on writing and performing original material. Through the creative process he began to find and develop his own unique voice. Although there are still identifiable jazz and blues elements in these compositions, his songwriting has begun to shift toward a more introspective, serious, and at times comical style.

Kile Atwater (pronounced like Kyle) is an American singer-songwriter, recording
artist and actor born in Atlanta, GA on July 18th, 1991. Kile spent most of his life in
Houston, TX, where he began performing. Currently, Kile resides in New York City and will release an EP titled STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS, which will showcase his vast musical influences, abilities and life experiences.

As a singer Kile began recording in May 2011 after being contacted by record producer TeV95 who discovered Atwater via a YouTube video of the young singer performing a cover of the Beatles song "Oh Darling". Influenced by a wide of array of musical genres, Kile has quickly developed his artistry and song writing abilities recording a unique sound of pop, and alternative music with an inspirational message.

As an actor Kile has trained at: Tisch School of The Arts High School Program, and The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Regional theatre credits include: The Dentist in Little Shop of Horrors, and leading roles in the plays: The Boys Next Door, Check Please, and The Diviners. Kile has been in independent films since he was sixteen. Most recently he can be seen on the television show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and How to Make it in America. He is currently working on a Screenplay and acting in another independent film called The Art Machine.

The development of his unique style is a direct result of the powerful effect music has had on his life. Growing up in a single parent household, his sound was shaped primarily by his mother, who played everything from Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder, to The Beatles and Mariah Carey. Atwater grew a passion for performing at a young age, often singing in run-down venues in Texas from just 9 years old. He was actively involved in theater and music in school, staying after school for hours for play and choir rehearsals, using his talent as an escape from a less-then-stable home environment.

Rorie Kelly

Rorie Kelly is a small redheaded tornado of sound. She cultivates a persona that is one part adorable, two parts badass rock-and-roll. First-time listeners often comment, “I can’t believe that voice came out of that body.” Rorie writes catchy, melodic rock songs that she plays with enough passion to break guitar strings regularly—and goes right on playing without batting an eye.

Rorie can most often be seen in the company of her band, Rorie Kelly and More of the Mess. As a trio, they build an intricate wall of sound that you’d expect to hear from a larger band. Rorie is also well known in NYC and Long Island’s singer/songwriter scenes, and her occasional solo performances are just as intense as when she’s rocking with the band behind her.

Cereal Hero Killer

Cereal Hero Killer (CHK) is electronic, alternative rock duo straight out of Brooklyn, NYC with a combined 30 years experience in the music industry. Cereal Hero Killer demands the respect that they not only earned, but deserve without a shadow of a doubt for standing up against the dog-eat-dog attitude that riddles the music business. Together they combine their experience and talents into a single, idiosyncratic, musical project that will give you bleak, yet subtle vibes of Joy Division and David Bowie. This charming gloom will infectiously haunt you to sing and feel aloud with their curiously familiar, yet visibly unique sound.

Cereal Hero Killer’s front man, Jay Sharp, survived a terrible steam engine accident that rendered his internal organs useless. Forcing to breathe, wanting to exist only to sing and create music, he was rescued by the trains engineer and his internals replaced by clock parts and steam engine mechanics. After the transition from man to mechanical, his vocals had range, and could be compared to Ronal Orzable (Tears for Fears), David Byrne (The Talking Heads), Bono and even Dave Grohl. This high energy vocalist may be made of pipes, sprockets and gears but he will never run out of steam.

Thomas, a vampiresque guitarist with roots in Transylvania, may be influenced by Faith No More and the Cult, with a twist of Red Hot Chili Peppers but he is no carbon copy. Listen to Cereal Hero Killers first record “Interrobang!” from start to finish, and you will hear the unique guitar effects and sonic-attack that he produces to prove himself as an original axeman to your earholes. There will be no repeat melodies or “Hey, that sounds familiar” when Thomas is around. You are not hearing another hipster punk come-of-age with amateur guitar playing…. you are getting a seasoned professional in the prime of his musical years. Thomas’ experience goes as far as Hungary where he has performed at festivals in front of crowds of over 20,000 people, as well as on the same stage as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was here, in Hungary where Thomas had a chance encounter with a pale face night stalker who planned to drink the blood of this talented guitarist and rob him of his abilities. The vampire, not being able to finish the job before dawn, fled leaving Thomas bloody, but alive…. and also infected for vampiric transformation. Sensitivity to light and a weakness for Holy Water did not stop this guitarist from following his dreams into the night…

The world is a stage and this duo plans on making all of you their spectators. When seeing CHK in person, you aren’t going to just look at a band and hear them play… you are going to see a high energy performance with a full band line-up. Cereal Hero Killer is more than just a band, it is a brand with a drive that will spread beyond just the walls of music. No medium will be safe from the creative dexterity that CHK has in abundance. Thomas, a talented producer, and Jay a working producer in his own rights have been producing records for indie artists such as The False Alarms, Ethan Donway, Hustan Scharr and Puke Numskull. These two take it even further with the ability to film, edit, mix and produce music videos, and create visual artistic creations with the artistic talents of Jay Sharp.

If it is worth doing, they will do it… and it’s all worth it honey, honey.

This will be a stripped down acoustic duo playing the band's material "unplugged". It's 1/2 the members of the band, hence the moniker 1/2 Naked.

Naked's debut album ”This One Goes To Eleven” was released in 2004 and featured the single ”Sister”. The video for the track was directed by Stefan Lindfors (HIM, ”Funeral of Hearts”). The second NAKED album ”Let’s Get Naked… And Start A Revolution” (2006), produced by Englishman Dan Weeks, featured two Top 5 singles, ”High On Blue Love” and ”Revolution”. The video to the latter was shot in London with the singer The Muff cavorting in Camden Town, wearing a strait jacket. For their third album ”Superstate” (2007), NAKED joined forces with yet another English producer Nick Triani. With the new single and video ”No One’s Perfect”, NAKED hit the road again delivering a cavalcade of seriously ass kicking, sweat dripping, shirt ripping and confetti bursting rock shows. These ear-deafening events took NAKED all over Europe, Scandinavia and Russia and included support gigs with esteemed international acts such as The 69 Eyes and The Killers. The ”Superstate” tour ended in May 2009 with a sold out rock spectacle at the Liquid Room in Tokyo, Japan.

After all that live extravaganza, NAKED found the time to complete their self-produced album ”Double Down”. The 13-track robust monster of a record is simply a 48-minute experience that will most definitely change your life.



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